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The arthurlloyd.co.uk
Poster Collection Screensaver

The posters shown in this Screensaver are from a large collection of original Lloyd / King Posters collected since the mid 1800s by members of the family and found recently in an antique shop, where they had been left as payment on a debt 50 years ago, probably by Harry Lloyd. The posters form a fantastic record of the entire family's acting career from the mid 1800s, including T.C. King and Horatio Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd and Katty King, through to Arthur and Katty's children in the early 1900s.

Download the arthurlloyd.co.uk PosterCollection Screensaver here (3.93mb)
Tested on Win95, 98, ME, XP, Windows 7 (PC only, sorry Mac users)
Right click is enabled

For copyright info on these posters and Screensaver please see bottom of page

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Instructions for the uninitiated:

Above - Download and save the single file (PosterCollection.scr)
to your Windows folder
(No need to install it as it is only one file)


Above - Once dowloaded and saved, Right-Click on your Desktop and select Properties


Above - Select the Screensaver tab and find PosterCollection in the drop down list
Then click Settings to configure your new Screensaver


Above - Select your current screen size and preferred background colour
NB - It ooks nicer if you deselect Zoom to fit screen


Above - If so inclined select the transition effects you prefer


To remove the Screensaver simply delete PosterCollection.scr from your Windows folder


The Copyright for the images in this Screensaver and the Screensaver itself belongs to Matthew Lloyd 2004.

You may not copy or sell on, republish or reproduce, electronically or by any other means, any of the images in this Screensaver or the Screensaver itself without permission from me personally.

Any comments?


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