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Timeline 1820 - 1829

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December 25th - George Thomas Lloyd, brother of Horatio Lloyd, arrives in Van Diemen's Land, now Tasmania with his uncle Charles Jeffreys

Death of George III, accession of George IV

Regent's Canal to Limehouse completed

Surrey House of Correction opened at Brixton Hill, first English prison to use the treadmill

William Marwood, Hangman, Born


Theatre Royal, Dublin opens


St Pancras New Church on Euston Road opens, designed in Greek Revival style


The Diorama opens in Park Square East, Regent's Park

Royal Assent given for Act to Rebuild London Bridge

The Lancet first published


Repeal of the Combination Act allows limited unions

First pile driven for foundations of London Bridge

Athenaeum Club founded


Work begins on Thames Tunnel

The Theatre, Hastings, opens

Grosvenor Canal (running approx from current Chelsea Bridge to current Victoria Station) opens


Zoological Society of London founded

Construction of Caledonian Road begins (called Chalk Road originally)

Farringdon Market opens


Rotunda, later Britannia Music Hall, Southwark, opens

Hammersmith Bridge opens

Maria Marten murdered - See the Arts Theatre

Marble Arch erected outside Buckingham Palace

Crockford's Club opens for gamblers


University College opens in Gower Street

Pavilion Theatre, Whitechapel Road Built

Brunswick Theatre, Whitechapel Opens and Collapses

St Katherine's Dock opens


Queen's Bazaar, Oxford Street, destroyed by fire but rebuilt

Metropolitan Police founded by Sir Robert Peel

Shillibeer's Omnibus service, from Paddington to Bank, begins

Colosseum, displaying E.T.Parris' panorama of London, opens at Cambridge Gate, Regent's Park

1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910


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