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Maureen Emerson (chapterandverse4@talktalk.net)
Date:Fri 07 Jul 2017 09:32:36 BST
Subject:The Old Lyric

Delighted to find this site. My Hammersmith children wouldn't believe me when I told them I had seen Donald Wolfit at the original Lyric Theatre (in my memory it was on the King's Road, along from Collet? Court). We then lived in Fitzjames Avenue. Oh no, they said, the theatre has always been where it is now! I found one of the old photographs of the facade and was able to confound them.
Good wishes. Maureen Emerson.


Matthew Lloyd (answer@arthurlloyd.co.uk)
Date:Fri 26 May 2017 09:05:36 BST

Funny you should say that Ken as I am working on just that at the moment although the site is so huge and difficult to change that it may take some time before the revamp is completed.

Thanks for your input though, much appreciated.

(Your message)

I think the breadth of information on your website is very impressive. You even have a couple of pictures credited to me.

However, and I say this in a constructive manner, but don't you think the colours that you have used are a bit early-1990s? Blue text on a maroon background might have worked back then, but nowadays, it is so out of date. I think it is time for a major revamp!


Ken Claydon (ken@claydon.net)
Date:Thu 25 May 2017 21:06:33 BST
Subject:The website

I think the breadth of information on your website is very impressive. You even have a couple of pictures credited to me.

However, and I say this in a constructive manner, but don't you think the colours that you have used are a bit early-1990s? Blue text on a maroon background might have worked back then, but nowadays, it is so out of date. I think it is time for a major revamp!


Paul Chapman (Chapmanpa@yahoo.co.uk)
Date:Tue 14 Mar 2017 22:26:53 GMT
Subject:S. F Cody Nevada

I have a show poster, plus other stuff, relating to S F Cody who put on his "Nevada" at the Carlton Theatre in 1904. Cody, of course, was known for his man lifting kites and as the designer, builder and pilot of the first aeroplane to fly iin the UK (Oct 16 1908). I wonder if you have anything on his appearances at the Carlton, particularly if he put on a kites show to advertise it? I can send an image of the show poster if you like? I may even have a photocopy of the play somewhere! Regards, Paul.


jan finnis (janmaa46@gmail.com)
Date:Sat 11 Mar 2017 01:12:07 GMT
Subject:The Iceskaters in the late 1930"s

Hi, I found your page quite by accident and found it very interesting as my mum lived in Brighton and joined the Ice Skating Troupe about 1936 when she was 16 and toured with them through the UK, South Africa, Australia and NZ. She was employed by Tom Arnold and was in shows such as Patria, Switzerland, and many others. She married one of the lead male skaters at that time - Leonard Priestley but they divorced when in Australia. I saw that the building isn't there now so can you tell me the name of the hotel? I will be visiting Brighton from Australia on the 16th to 18th April and would love to know.
Thank you


Pat Dowling (@pdowling@telus.net)
Date:Mon 27 Feb 2017 01:29:28 GMT

I was reading the book "A Piece of Bread and Jam" about Hume and wondered about the fate of the Hume Hippodrome.
At about 1948 for probably 5yrs my Aunt took us kids to a pantomime at the Hippodrome each New Years Eve. I was amazed to find that it was still standing.
What wonderful memories we have of those nights.


Bob Lord (robertlord123@btinternet.com)
Date:Sun 12 Feb 2017 14:45:21 GMT
Subject:Palace Theatre, Anlaby Road, Hull

Recently I received some family history information from my mother. In it was a family notice newspaper cutting from the Hull Daily Mail of January 1908. It mentions John Thompson (John Hobson Thompson), recently deceased, late of the Palace Theatre, Anlaby Road, Hull. He lived in Campbell Street. He was my great, great, grandfather.

Does anyone have any record of this gentleman??


Martin Titley (martin.titley@westec.me.uk)
Date:Fri 03 Feb 2017 12:58:31 GMT
Subject:Boxes at Liverpool Empire Theatre

We were in the Liverpool Empire, last evening and I wondered what the purpose of the two "audience-facing" boxes would have been? ...from your website: "There are two boxes that give you a wonderful view of the back of the circle." Just curious!


Sherry Gorman-Rickard (S.G 42@gorman.com)
Date:Thu 12 Jan 2017 21:25:50 GMT
Subject:Re Lily Long

Hello and thank you for a wonderful site. I have come across a photo of my Great Aunt Lily Long (Ada Lillian Gorman) on here and was so happy to see what she looked like. She is in a photo of Will Evans in babes in the wood.
She also produced and acted in black and white The Cowboy Queen 1922 and The Old Curiosity Shop 1934.
I would love to find more info n her.
Thank you so much for your excellent website


Bryony Mitchell (qbryony@lineone.net)
Date:Sat 22 Oct 2016 23:00:32 BST
Subject:Joseph Bryan Geoghegan

Hi, I've spent a few really great evenings browsing through your website. Thank you! My great great great grandfather is Joseph Bryan Geoghegan who wrote Oh Marigold. And I loved reading your description of him as energetic and banging on the table with a mallet to introduce songs!

I've got a PDF image of the cover of Oh Marigold, and have found the lyrics online - if you've got a digital image of the rest of the songsheet I would so love to see it if possible?

Great website :-)


Dave Puller (d.puller@ntlworld.com)
Date:Tue 11 Oct 2016 09:51:23 BST
Subject:Hulme Hippodrome

Loved your photos of the Hulme Hippodrome. Wonderful and sad to see how it is today. Visited the place many time when I was a youngster.

Dave Puller.


Kevin Brandwood (k.brandwood@ntlworld.com)
Date:Mon 05 Sep 2016 21:45:54 BST
Subject:St. George's Hall Nottingham

Wondered if any one knew the location of the St. George's Hall Nottingham. Vestal Tilley apparently played there often. Thanks, KB.


Maureen Emerson (chapterandverse4@talktalk.net)
Date:Sat 06 Aug 2016 12:39:24 BST
Subject:The King's Theatre

I was delighted to see the picture of the King's Theatre in Hammersmith. I saw Donald Wolfit in a performance there in the 1950s (I forget which play, very dramatic so perhaps King Lear). My children now live in Hammersmith and use and appreciate the Lyric. However, they've always said I was dreaming when I spoke of going to a theatre on the Hammermsith Road so many years ago. Here is proof positive. I wonder who pulled it down and what is now in its place?

Thank you for this splendid site. I went to the Sacred Heart Convent in the Broadway and lived in Fitzjames Avenue, so can claim to be a native of Hammersmith. And I musn't forget Bertram Mills circus at Olympia (all those animals – terrible to think of now) and a splendid theatrical/joke shop opposite.
Lyons Supermarket next door, one of the first in the UK. One could go on ...


Tom Smith (smithandjones@hotmail.com)
Date:Wed 03 Aug 2016 21:20:31 BST
Subject:Research for distant family history

Thank you for the excellent site %3E I have just found that one of my relatives UK to America and back to UK were appearing in the 1950s show at the Empress Hall as a skater . So you great site has given more information as to why they traveled back to the UK for this event. Thank you again smith


Christopher Travers (cgtravers1@gmail.com)
Date:Tue 02 Aug 2016 16:14:23 BST
Subject:One of my favorite sites...

I love it. So well done. An important site!

Best to you,
Christopher Travers
Santa Monica, CA


David Bale (davidbale1944@gmail.com)
Date:Tue 19 Jul 2016 18:06:12 BST
Subject:Kingsway Theatre

In "What Every Woman Should Know" by Christopher Hudson (Croxley Green, Atlantic Publishing) ISBN 978-0-9568642-0-8, on p.111, there is a description of the set of 'The Artist and the Shadow" performed there in the 1930s.


Maureen wallis (Maureenwallis@hotmail.com@)
Date:Sat 25 Jun 2016 18:16:10 BST
Subject:The windmill

Oh boy do I remember this place..my children were born in the 80,s and gt Yarmouth is our second home ...we used to bring our children there to the place centre...am I remembering correctly that it was called wallis windmill.? Very fond memories


Paul Vincent (pv@eclipse.co.uk)
Date:Mon 20 Jun 2016 11:45:18 BST
Subject:Theatre Royal re-opening 1910

My grandfather, composer Thomas Dunhill, it seems, was in charge of the orchestra on the night of its re-opening. This from his diary:

December 13th 1910: At the theatre, arranging things. Rehearsal of the orchestra in afternoon . . . Very successful opening of the theatre in evening, with “Under the Red Robe”


Derek Byrne (derekbyrne12@aol.com)
Date:Wed 15 Jun 2016 16:15:13 BST
Subject:Victoria Theatre

Found your site while looking into an ad in the Dundee Courier 18 November 1935. It said "WANTED, copy of the S.S. Titanic Disaster for Cavalcade, Vic Theatre." It seems that the Victoria Theatre wanted to swap a copy of the 1933 film "Cavalcade" for a copy of the "S.S. Titanic Disaster" film. Was that a common practice back then. Thank you.


Beverley McGrath (nee Ward) (bevmcg1@googlemail.com)
Date:Sun 12 Jun 2016 13:17:29 BST
Subject:Imperial Cinema Clapham Junction

I lived next door to the Imperial Cinema from 1948 - 1960. My dad was a messenger for Barclays Bank and we had a flat on the top floor. The building is on the left of the photo behind the bus stop.I can well remember the queues for the cinema waiting patiently outside. The website is very interesting and thanks for making it so


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