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A Dissertation on Love, by Arthur Lloyd Circa 1902


Click to see Arthur Lloyd's SongsA while ago I put up this disc on the site believing it to be a recording by Arthur Lloyd on Zonophone, Circa 1902. However I am now reliably informed that the disc is actually a recording by Burt Shepard using the pseudonym Arthur Lloyd. Burt Shepard used several pseudonyms when recording. (See below)

So the quest goes on to find a recording of Arthur Lloyd. If you know the whereabouts of such a recording, or even just know of its existence I would be very grateful if you would contact me.

The following information is from the Gramophone Company files, still extant; compiled from them by Alan Kelly, the Gramophone & Typewriter Company/ Gramophone Company/ HMV expert. The entries here are from the a-suffix series. The information shown is (in order) matrix (add an "a" suffix, which denotes a 7" record) Recording date Issue detail - 4.... is Zonophone / 2-2... is G & T.

The information is correct, as it comes from the original contemporary Gramphone (& Typewriter ) company files. The matrices were used consecutively, and a scenario where the real Arthur Lloyd just records the matrices named as him, in between Burt Shepard recording his sides, isn't possible. It wasn't the way it was done.

He wasn't recording as anything other than Burt Shepard, and that is how the information would appear in the recording files. The name Arthur Lloyd (or Chas Foster or George Atkinson) wouldn't enter the picture until the records were issued, at which point the made-up names would appear on the labels. (By which I mean that the original recording files would list the recordings as by Burt Shepard). Sometimes the same recording might be issued on G & T, and on Zonophone, under 2 different names. The reason for the use of different names was, in my opinion, to make it appear that the Company had a huge roster of artists recording for them. (All companies did this, and the Gramophone Company used the device for other heavily recorded artists as well as for Shepard. Thus Albert Whelan appeared as Bert Newton, Stanley Kirkby as Charles Holland & asWalter Miller, etc..) Had Shepard's records all been issued under his own name, they would have filled many pages, but the company presumably wanted to suggest they had rather more performers on their books.


5957 18-1-04 42075 I'll be your Daily Mail
5958 18-1-04 destr When you're up in the world
5959 18-1-04 42074 do
5960 18-1-04 42073 She wore a white silk dress
5961 18-1-04 do
5962 18-1-04 42072 I've gone out for the day
5963 18-1-04 Mr Dooley
5964 18-1-04 2-2258 do
5965 18-1-04 It's got to be a minstrel show tonight
5966 18-1-04 42144 do (as GEORGE ATKINSON) 2-2438
5967 19-1-04 1024X Drama in One Act
5968 19-1-04 destr Why didn't they send for me?
5969 19-1-04 Casey at the Veterans' League, with brass quartet
5970 19-1-04 41001 do
5971 19-1-04 1180 do
5972 19-1-04 destr Anarchists' meeting [in Dynamite Park]
5973 19-1-04 41003 Imitation of a Women's Rights Meeting
5974 19-1-04 1049Z do
5975 19-1-04 41002 Political Meeting (on Fiscal Policy)
5976 19-1-04 1051Z do
5977 19-1-04 41004 A few words in regard to married life
5978 19-1-04 destr do
5979 19-1-04 41005 A dissertation on love
5980 19-1-04 do


5930 13-1-04 42079 As soon as I go to bed
5931 13-1-04 42078 I wouldn't lend you very much on that (Lee)
5932 13-1-04 On the benches in the Park
5933 13-1-04 destr My baby May
5934 13-1-04 destr I'm looking at yer
5935 13-1-04 destr She's good enough [for me]
5936 13-1-04 destr do
5937 13-1-04 destr Sunshine after rain
5938 13-1-04 42047 But that's another story
5939 13-1-04 42076 I wish I'd bought ducks

5900 11-1-04 I'm coming home to you
5901 11-1-04 42063 do
5902 11-1-04 Come, come, Caroline
5903 11-1-04 42045 do
5904 11-1-04 The horse the Missus dries the clothes on
5905 11-1-04 42064 do
5906 11-1-04 42065 The blow, it near killed Father
5907 11-1-04 do
5908 11-1-04 42042 Laughing song (arr. Shepard)
5909 11-1-04 42066 You'll never be an angel, Daddy
5910 11-1-04 42067 It's a wonder I'm alive to tell the tale
5911 11-1-04 destr Have it over your side, Lucy
5912 11-1-04 42068 How are the people at home? (Harry Bedford)
5913 11-1-04 do
5914 11-1-04 42069 The tiddley at the fountain
5915 I 12-1-04 42056 Plym, come kiss your honey (as ARTHUR LLOYD)
5915 II 12-1-04 42071 Sally's a-coming, hurrah!
5916 12-1-04 Plym, come kiss your honey
5917 12-1-04 do
5918 12-1-04 42057 The Pick-a-Ninny (Castling)(as ARTHUR LLOYD)
5919 12-1-04 42060 Susie Anna
5920 12-1-04 42051 Has anybody seen our cat? (Beauchamps)(as ARTHUR LLOYD)
5921 12-1-04 42081 Darling Mabel (as ARTHUR LLOYD)
5922 12-1-04 42030 Our lodger's such a nice young man (Murray)(as ARTHUR LLOYD)
5923 12-1-04 42080 I'd like to go halves in that (as ARTHUR LLOYD)
5924 12-1-04 42052 Sweetheart May (Vesta Tilley's song)

This information Courtesy Tony Barker. Tony Barker's "Music Hall" magazine & Cylidisc CDs

X-41005 "How I got to Morrow" Unknown American (as Arthur Lloyd) - (Info Courtesy Mike Hemblade)

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