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3rd of July 2020

The Stage - Act Now Mr DowdenI don't normally put news items on the site, this page is usually for alerting visitors to all the latest updates and additions, but having worked in the Theatre Industry for over 45 years, and running this site for nearly 20, I feel I am well placed to help in the efforts to alert people to the brutal effects the Coronavirus Pandemic is having on the Theatre Industry, Theatre Owners, and Theatre Employees like myself, all over the Country, so please excuse this change to the What's New page today.

With Theatres all over the Country closed since March 2020, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, and probably not opening again this year, the Stage Newspaper this week carries a Front Page Plea to the Government's Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden to 'ACT NOW' to let Theatres know when they will be able to reopen, and to support the many thousands of Theatre Workers facing redundancy once the job retention scheme begins to wind down in August this year.

Crucially the Stage asks the Government to Issue Guidance on Re-opening dates, Publish Clear Guidance from Health Advisors, to Commit to Investment in Theatre, and to provide extra support for the workforce unable to work.

The Stage says that the arts and culture industry added £10.8 billion to the UK economy in 2019, and is a 'Crucial driver for tourism and other parts of the service economy'.

Theatres in London's West End and Provincial Theatres all over the Country are publicly announcing wide spread redundancies, some are going into administration already, and many others will be forced into the same situation in the next few months if they can't reopen and are not supported.

The Pandemic is rapidly turning into a disaster for the Theatre industry and its workers. Whilst much of the rest of the UK economy is coming out of Lockdown on the 4th of July, tomorrow, Theatre owners have no opening date in sight, can't afford to keep on staff once the Furlough scheme begins to be wound down in August, and are haemorrhaging money just keeping their, often hundred year old or more, buildings standing.

When you visit a Theatre for a night out you are greeted by cheerful box office staff and ushers who check your tickets and direct you to your seats, there are people serving you drinks in often opulent bars before the show and at the intervals, there are often hundreds of people working backstage, including dressers, who help the actors with their costumes, wardrobe who maintain the elaborate costumes and wigs, stage staff who operate and maintain the often complicated and heavy scenery, lighting technicians who operate and maintain the often massive lighting rigs, sound operators and technicians who create and maintain the complicated sound systems, and stage management who run the show and keep everything operating smoothly and safely, not to mention the teams of cleaners, management, and maintenance people, who keep a Theatre running efficiently and healthily so that the public can enjoy a show safely and in comfort. And then of course there are the Actors, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, and other Performers who the audience have really come to see. All this adds up to hundreds of people working in every Theatre around the Country, most of which have been out of work since March 2020 and probably will be unemployed for the foreseeable future. Many have been able to survive on the Government's Furlough scheme so far, though this will change in August when many, if not all, are likely to be made redundant, but many others who are often self employed, have already fallen through the gaps and have had to survive on savings or unemployment benefit since March 2020.

The Stage Newspaper's Front Page is a rallying call to the Government to wake up and save the industry and its workers before it's too late.

Please visit the Stage Newspaper's website to read the full article, and other crucial information on the Pandemic's disastrous effect on Theatre, here.

Updates to the site in 2020

2nd July 2020

The Empire Theatre, Belfast - Some More Information and Two New Images Added

1st July 2020

The Empire Theatre, Belfast - New Image and Information Added on the Theatre's 50th BBC Radio Broadcast from the Empire in 1936

30th June 2020

The Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire - New Page Added

The Palace Theatre, Hull - New Photograph from 1932 Added

The Grand Theatre of Varieties, Bolton - New 1932 Variety Programme Added

The Finsbury Park Empire - New 1945 Programme Added

The Regal Theatre, Southend - New 1930s Poster Added

The London Palladium - New 1940 Variety Programme Cover Added

27th June 2020

The Free Trade Hall, Manchester - New Slideshow Added of photos taken after the Hall had been closed and before its conversion into an Hotel in 1997

The Theatre Royal, Peter Street, Manchester - New 1997 Photo Added

26th June 2020

Neil Sean Recalls Theatre Legend Binkie Beaumont

25th June 2020

The King's Theatre, Nottingham - Listing Rewritten by Ted Bottle and New Images Added

The Oxford Music Hall / Oxford Theatre - New Image for the 1920 Alterations Added Here. And Demolition Image Added Further Down the Page

23rd June 2020

Ann Montini Remembers her Good Friend the One and Only Sir Norman Wisdom

The Stoll Theatre, London - New Painting by George Richmond Added

18th June 2020

The Penge Empire - More Information and New Images Added

The Royalty / Peacock Theatre, Kingsway - New Image and More Information Added

17th June 2020

The Theatre Royal / Music Hall, Chester - New Listing Added

16th June 2020

The Granada Theatre, Shrewsbury - New Listing Added

The Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury - New Listing Added

15th June 2020

The Music Hall, Shrewsbury - New Page Added

The Oxford Music Hall / Theatre, London - New Programme and Images Added Here

The Finsbury Park Empire - New 1948 Programme Added

The Winter Garden Theatre, London - New 1948 Programme Cover Added

14th June 2020

Colins' Music Hall, London - New 1920s Programme Cover Added

The Euston Palace, London - New Early Programme Cover Added

13th June 2020

The Bedord Palace Of Varieties - Three New Programmes Added

12th June 2020

The Berwick Theatre, Berwick-Upon-Tweed - New Page Added

The Theatre Royal, Guildhall Street, Canterbury - More Information and New Images Added

10th June 2020

The Gillian Lynne Theatre, London - Page Updated with Information and Image Added for the Current Refurbishment of the Theatre Here

The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - Page Updated Here

8th June 2020

The Theatre Royal, Aston, Birmingham - More Information Added

Leotard Bosco - Obituary and New Images Added Here

5th June 2020

The Noel Coward Theatre, London - Page Restructured and More Information and Opening Programme Added

The New Theatre, Cambridge - More Images and Information Added

The Princes Theatre, Bradford - More Information and New Image Added

The Palace Theatre, Bradford - New Image Added

The Alhambra Theatre, Bradford - New Image Added

The New Victoria Theatre, Bradford - More Information and New Image Added

4th June 2020

The Theatres Trust Director Jon Morgan here outlines the work the Theatres Trust has been doing to support and protect theatres in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Margate Hippodrome - More Information and New Images Added

3rd June 2020

Her Majesty's Theatre, Carlisle - New Page Added

The Theatre Royal, Manningham Lane, Bradford - Demolition details Updated

2nd June 2020

The Capitol Theatre, Forest Hill, London - More Information and New Images Added

The Duke of York's Theatre, London - Wartime opening Information Updated

1st June 2020

The Capitol Theatre, Haymarket, London - New Painting by George Richmond Added

The Newcastle Empire - New 1959 Programme Added

27th May 2020

Chester Theatres - New Page Added with Details of the Royalty Theatre

26th May 2020

The Stoll Theatre, Kingsway, London - New Images of the Theatre's Demoltion in 1958 Added Here

Munt's Hall, Clapham Junction - New Image Added for 1893

22nd May 2020

The Carlton Theatre, Haymarket - Page Updated with recent Planning Concent Details

18th May 2020

Neil Sean remembers the BBC TV Theatre - aka The Shepherd's Bush Empire

16th May 2020

Arthur Lloyd's Song 'Beautiful Forever' - More Information and Rare Images Added

The Clapham Grand Theatre - Page Updated with a Link to its Crowdfunder Campaign to help it stay afloat during the Coronavirus Pandemic Added.

15th May 2020

The Kennington Theatre, London - New Painting by George Richmond Added

14th May 2020

Today is Arthur Lloyd's Birthday, 14th May 1839 - You can Read his Biography Here

13th May 2020

Ann Montini Remembers the Late Great Variety Legend – Roy Hudd

12th May 2020

The London Pavilion - New Images showing VJ Day being cleberated outside the Theatre in 1945 Added Here

The Royal Opera House, Leicester - New Early 'Red Riding Hood' Pantomine Poster Added

The Royal Cambridge Music Hall, Shoreditch - New Image of its Chairman William Knowles Added

5th May 2020

The Royal Muncaster Theatre, Bootle, Liverpool - More Information Added for its time as the Strand Cinema

29th April 2020

The Criterion Theatre, London - More Information Added - And a New Page detailing the construction of the Building by its Architect, Thomas Verity, in 1879 Added Here

The Queen's Theatre, Long Acre, London - More Details for its Conversion into a Store in 1879 Added

27th April 2020

The London Pavilion - New Painting by George Richmond Added

19th April 2020

The Nottingham Empire - New Painting by George Richmond Added

18th April 2020

The Finsbury Park Astoria - More Images Added - And Full Opening Programme Added Here

15th April 2020

The Round Room at the Rotundo, Dublin - New 1866 Lloyd Review Added

13th April 2020

London's West End Theatres in 2006 - New Page Added

12th April 2020

The Woolwich Grand Theatre - Page Updated and New Image Added

The Theatre Royal, Hawkins Street, Dublin - More Information Added for the Second Theatre of 1897 Here

The Westminster Theatre, London - New Strand Electric Advertisement for 1931 Added

11th April 2020

The Streatham Astoria - Full Opening Programme Added Here

9th April 2020

Theatres in Barnsley, South Yorkshire - New Page Added

8th April 2020

The Argyle Theatre, Birkenhead - New 1930 Poster Added

The Newport Empire - New Early Lloyd Poster Added

The Washington Music Hall / Battersea Palace - New Image Added

The Empress Theatre, Brixton - New Image Added for the 1930s Here

6th April 2020

The Empress Theatre, Brixton - Opening Night Programme for the 1930 Rebuild Added Here

4th April 2020

The Streatham Hill Theatre - New Page for the Theatre's Opening Night Programme Added Here

2nd April 2020

Euston Palace Theatre - New Programme Added for 1910

1st April 2020

The Middlesex Music Hall, London - New Painting by George Richmond Added Here

26th March 2020

The Theatre Royal, Bradford - Two New Images Added for 1897

25th March 2020

Arthur Lloyd's Biography - More Details Added for 1898

The Leicester Square Theatre / Odeon West End - New Images for the Replacement Cinema Added Here

The Astoria Theatre, Charring Cross Road - Page Updated and New image Added to bottom of Listing

The London Pavilion - New Image Added Here

Daily's Theatre / Vue West End - New Image Added Here

24th March 2020

London's West End Theatres during the Coronavirus Pandemic in March 2020 - New Page Added

Ann Montini meets Gary Morecambe, son of comedy legend Eric, of Morecambe and Wise fame

The Motherwell Alhambra Theatre and John Hall Nicol - New Image Added Here

19th March 2020

Neil Sean looks at one of London's newest Theatres, the Boulevard in Soho, formerly Raymond's Revuebar

The Metropole Theatre, Manchester - More Information and New Short Film Clip Added

The Empire Theatre, Oldham - More Information Added

The Britannia Theatre, Hoxton - New 1917 Bill Added

18th March 2020

The Grand Theatre, Plymouth - More Information and Images Added

The Finsbury Park Empire - New 1926 Programme Added

The Balham Hippodrome / Duchess Theatre - New 1912 Poster Added

The Clapham Grand - New 1912 Poster Added

16th March 2020

The Grecian Theatre, Shoreditch - New Painting by George Richmond Added

The Victoria Palace Theatre, London - Two New Images Added

The Old Square Theatre, Walsall - New Listing Added

13th March 2020

The Royal Alhambra Palace Music Hall, Hull - New Images Added

9th March 2020

The Whitehall Theatre / Trafalgar Studios - New 1946 Seating Plan Added

31st January 2020

Neil Sean Remembers the Wonderful Gracie Fields and her Unforgettable Song "Sally"

29th January 2020

Theatres in Leamington Spa - New Page Added

27th January 2020

Ann Montini on Meeting the Broadway and West End Composer and Showman Jerry Herman

The Sondheim Theatre, London (Formerly the Queen's Theatre) - Page Updated and More Information on the War Damage and New 1926 Seating Plan Added

The St. James's Theatre, London - New Painting by George Richmond Added

24th January 2020

The Sondheim Theatre, London (Formerly the Queen's Theatre) - Page Updated

23rd January 2020

The Palace Theatre, Chesterield - Error Corrected

21st January 2020

The Theatre Royal / Hippodrome, Loughborough - Two New Images Added

The Dominion Theatre, London - New Image Added Top of Page

15th January 2020

The Gordon Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent - New Listing Added

The Grand Theatre, Derby - More Information and Images Added

14th January 2020

The Camden Theatre - New Article and Image From 1902 Added

Adelphi Theatre, London - Information and Image of Manager Tom Davis Added Here

13th January 2020

The Theatre Royal, Nottingham - New 1902 Programme Added

The Grand Theatre, Nottingham - New 1891 Programme Added

10th January 2020

The Grand Theatre, Halifax - Two New Images Added

7th January 2020

The Camden Theatre / Koko - Page Updated and Some More Information Added

The Garrick Theatre, London - More Information and Images Added, including the Opening Night Programme

3rd January 2020

Neil Seans Hall of Fame - Neil takes a look at two great seaside Theatres in Eastbourne - New Article and Film Added