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Updates to the site in 2020

Please Note: Due to other commitments I'm afraid I won't have the time to update the site again from now until the middle of March 2020. I do apologise for this and hope you will not be too disappointed. In the meantime please have a look around and see if there's anything that you may have missed in the past, Matthew.


31st January 2020

Neil Sean Remembers the Wonderful Gracie Fields and her Unforgettable Song "Sally"

29th January 2020

Theatres in Leamington Spa - New Page Added

27th January 2020

Ann Montini on Meeting the Broadway and West End Composer and Showman Jerry Herman

The Sondheim Theatre, London (Formerly the Queen's Theatre) - Page Updated and More Information on the War Damage and New 1926 Seating Plan Added

The St. James's Theatre, London - New Painting by George Richmond Added

24th January 2020

The Sondheim Theatre, London (Formerly the Queen's Theatre) - Page Updated

23rd January 2020

The Palace Theatre, Chesterield - Error Corrected

21st January 2020

The Theatre Royal / Hippodrome, Loughborough - Two New Images Added

The Dominion Theatre, London - New Image Added Top of Page

15th January 2020

The Gordon Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent - New Listing Added

The Grand Theatre, Derby - More Information and Images Added

14th January 2020

The Camden Theatre - New Article and Image From 1902 Added

Adelphi Theatre, London - Information and Image of Manager Tom Davis Added Here

13th January 2020

The Theatre Royal, Nottingham - New 1902 Programme Added

The Grand Theatre, Nottingham - New 1891 Programme Added

10th January 2020

The Grand Theatre, Halifax - Two New Images Added

7th January 2020

The Camden Theatre / Koko - Page Updated and Some More Information Added

The Garrick Theatre, London - More Information and Images Added, including the Opening Night Programme

3rd January 2020

Neil Seans Hall of Fame - Neil takes a look at two great seaside Theatres in Eastbourne - New Article and Film Added