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This site is dedicated to Arthur Lloyd, Actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, and music hall performer 1839 - 1904. There are over 1,550 pages of information on this site and nearly 16,000 images.

A very rare and early 1860s signed Carte de visite (CDV) card of Arthur Lloyd - Courtesy Joe Guttridge.This website began life back in January 2001 when I decided that my Great Grandfather Arthur Lloyd, shown right, the once incredibly popular song writer, playwright, actor, and Music Hall performer, should have a presence on the Internet. Despite his considerable fame only 100 or so years ago, by the beginning of the 21st century he had been largely forgotten by almost everyone.

Over the years I have collected many items relating to his life, including press cuttings, programmes, posters, books, magazines, postcards, and original song sheets and I had long felt the need to let them reach a wider audience. With the Internet there was finally somewhere I could help bring Arthur Lloyd and his entire Theatrical Family back into the public consciousness

Right - A very rare and early 1860s signed Carte de visite (CDV) card of Arthur Lloyd - Courtesy Joe Guttridge.

I am involved in the business myself and have been working in professional theatre for over forty years; in most of the West End Theatres of London; for The National Theatre on the South Bank; St. Georges Theatre, Tufnell Park, and for many touring productions around Britain. Working in theatre for so long and being the descendant of so many celebrated Victorian Artistes has provided me with a great deal of experience and interest in the history of Music Hall and British Theatre. I often find myself working in the same Theatres that my famous ancestors, Horatio Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd, Katty King, and T.C. King, performed in so many years ago. I also have a long held passion for Theatre architecture itself and am interested in the preservation of Britain's Theatrical heritage, so you will find a great deal of information here on Theatres and Music Halls throughout the UK, many of them long ago demolished.

Matthew Lloyd, the creator of this Website, on the stage of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in 2016.This Website allows me to indulge these two passions in one place; my famous ancestors; and Theatre Architecture, both of which, I believe, complement each other. And my site's visitors would seem to agree as millions of people from all over the world visit the site each year.

Left - Matthew Lloyd, the creator of this Website, on the stage of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in 2016.

Over the years the Arthur Lloyd Archive has also provided images and information for inclusion in a variety of books, newspapers, magazines, television productions, and West End Theatre Programmes, and the Website itself has been featured in several magazines. In September and October 2008 all of LW Theatres West End Theatre Programmes carried an article about my work, my ancestors, and the website, and they also very kindly added an article about the revamped website in their Autumn 2017 programmes too. The Stage Newspaper Interviewed me about the site and published a very nice article about it in October 2016 which you can still read here.

Arthur Lloyd's 'Not For Joseph'. - kindly donated by John Moffatt.Finally, I am indebted to the following people, whose help, generosity, and sheer enthusiasm, have made this site what it is today. Firstly, the Late John Moffatt, who gave me my first Arthur Lloyd Song Sheet, 'Not For Joseph', shown right, when I was working with him at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue in 1975, and over the following years he was kind enought to give me a plethora of other information and ephemera which you will find scattered about all over the site. John was a great actor and a lovely man, who had a wealth of knowledge about Music Hall, and will be much missed by all who knew him. John died in September 2012 and you can read a very nice obituary for him by Michael Coveney of the Guardian here.

Others who have made huge contributions to the site over the years have been, Peter Charlton, Jennifer Carnell, Frederick Denny, Norman King Lloyd, Ted Bottle, Gareth Price, Adam McNaughtan, John Earl, Donald Auty, Alan Chudley, John Grice, John A. Strubbe, Gary Magold, Graeme Smith, Iain Wotherspoon, Stephen Wischhusen, Maurice Poole, John West, Gerry Atkins, Des Kerins, Brent Fernandez, Alex Balmforth, Allan Hailstone, Tony Craig, Danny Varney, David Garratt, Ralph Stephenson, Jill Millard Shapiro, Shirley Cowdrill, Alan Judd, George Richmond, Charles S. P. Jenkins, David Taylor, Alfred Mason, Robert Whelan, Görel Garlick, and many many others, too numerous to mention here who have supplied images, cuttings, programmes, bills, and other items relating to Arthur Lloyd and his career, and also for the countless Theatres all over Britain. Thank you to you all, please keep them coming!

If you have any comments on this site, or related material you may wish to share, please Contact Me.

.I hope you enjoy this site.

.Matthew Lloyd.

* Please note that transcriptions of archive newspaper articles on this site may include words that could be deemed offensive today. In an effort to preserve history as it was written I have left such words in place for historical accuracy. No offense is intended, nor should it be inferred.

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