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Arthur Lloyd FAQ


Hello and welcome to the new Arthur Lloyd Website, I hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions about the new site this page should be your first port of call. I will answer all the frequently asked questions here saving you the time to contact me.


How do I search the new site?

Click the Magnifying Glass Icon on the Top Right of the Banner on every page to reveal the search barClick the Magnifying Glass Icon on the Top Right of the Banner on every page to reveal the search bar.


How to I Share pages from this site with my friends on Facebook?

There is a Facebook Share Button at the bottom of all the article pages of the site, simply click the button to share the page you are on with your friends on Facebook. There is also a Share Dialogue in the Main Menu at the top of every page where you can Share the site's main address with Facebook, or jump to the Share Button at the bottom of the page. Pages that do not have articles however, do not have a Share Button as you probably wouldn't want to Share the Contact page, or this page for example.


I am using a mobile phone or tablet to view your site and some images, and image captions, seem to be missing:

In order to make the site look good on mobile phones and smaller screens it was necessary to remove some images for display purposes on these devices. Also Image Captions do not always line up with images on smaller screens when designing for many different devices, which obviously can be a big problem, so I have had to remove some of them too for smaller screens. Of course the full content of the site can still be seen on larger screens and usually in landscape mode on a Tablet. If you are viewing the site on a mobile phone or small screen tablet in portrait mode then you can often see image captions by long pressing the image. Apple iPhones are particularly good with this, and some browser Apps for Android phones, such as the Chrome App also support this feature. Alternatively it is also possible to view the site in Desktop Mode on any device by using the Link at the Footer of each page. If you click this link then a small cookie is placed on your device which preserves Desktop Mode for the remainder of your visit. When you close your browser the cookie is removed and your next visit to the site will return to normal for your device. If you switch to Desktop Mode and decide you don't like it, click the link again and you will return to Mobile Mode.


The Website has changed and I'm not sure where everything is:

I understand how this can feel but I hope you will soon find your way around the new layout. In fact despite the new look most of the site is still laid out in the same way it was before. A good place to start would be to use the Menu Bar on the banner above to find the Links to the main Pages. From these pages Links to the rest of the content on the site can be found. The Main Site links are also availiable on the Footer of each page.


The site doesn't have as many pages as before, why is this and is everything still there?

The new site allowed me to incorporate many multiple pages into single pages, and some images which used to have their own pages are now displayed as slide shows. Also for the time being I have removed the Family Tree section of the site until I can incorporate it into the new design. All in all this means that around 1,000 pages have been removed whilst all the major parts of the site are still there.


I don't like the look of the new site, why have you changed it?

The reason I had to change the look of the site is so that it will be viewable on the plethora of devices now in existence. When I first built the site back in 2001 people only viewed it on large screen monitors. Nowadays people visit the site using mobile phones, tablets, and all manner of other devices. In order for the site to be enjoyed on all these new devices it was necessary to change the way it worked. I do hope the change won't be too jarring and that you will continue to visit and enjoy the site in its new form, especially now that you can also visit the site on mobile phones etc when you are out and about.


I don't like the new colour scheme, and preferred the old one, why have you changed it?

The old site's colour scheme was something I also really liked as it had a theatrical feel to it, and it was easy on the eye. However, for the rebuilt site I decided to go with the fresh modern look of most websites today. The old site looked like a design from somewhere in the 1990s and I decided that it was time to bring it up to date. I do hope you will soon get used to the new look and feel, and grow to like it.


I prefered the old site, can I still see it somewhere?

There is a British Library archive of the site dating back to 2004 which can be found here. And an even earlier archive of the old site can be found here.


I am having a problem with the new site, some things don't seem to work like they should, and I have found some broken Links:

Rebuilding the site has been an immense challenge as there were nearly 1,500 pages and 12,000 images which had to be transferred. I hope that most of it is working just as it should but it is inevitable that a few things may have escaped my attention. If you have found broken links or other parts of the site that don't seem to be working properly I would really appreciate it if you would let me know here.