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Updates to the site in 2004

20th December 2004

London Pavilion conversion to cinema page Added

17th December 2004

South London Palace Updated and Programme Added

12th December 2004

The new 2005 Calendar is here!!!

Burials page Updated and Restructured

10th December 2004

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Image Added

7th December 2004

Brighton West Pier Updated and new images Added

Park Palace Liverpool Updated

4th December 2004

Philharmonic Hall - Lloyd Cutting/Review Added

30th November 2004

The Sun Music Hall Updated and Review Added

23rd November 2004

Contact Details page Updated

18th November 2004

Scala Theatre London Added

Bridlington Theatres and Halls Updated and Images Added

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane Updated and images Added

7th November 2004

Park Palace Liverpool Updated

2nd November 2004

Arthur Lloyd's Songs - New song Added

31st October 2004

Park Palace Liverpool Updated and several 2004 images Added

Known Addresses for Arthur Lloyd Added with pictures

28th October 2004

Park Palace Liverpool Updated and image Added

Spa Royal Hall, Bridlington Added

27th October 2004

Leeds Theatres and Halls Added / Arthur Lloyd Tour Dates for Leeds Added

25th October 2004

Horatio Lloyd and Delarue Lloyd pages Updated with picture Added

21st October 2004

London Music Hall / Shoreditch Empire Added

20th October 2004

Minerva Hall, Glasgow Updated

18th October 2004

Limelight by Albert Chevalier Added

2nd October 2004

Arthur Lloyd's Songs - Two Songs Added

29th September 2004

Burials page Updated

27th September 2004

Granada/Plaza, Sutton, Surrey Added

Dobs In Paris Song Sheet Added

25th September 2004

Burials page Updated

24th September 2004

Plaza Theatre, Lower Regent Street, London Added

23rd September 2004

Bird Whistle Man Song Sheet Added

Middlesex Music Hall, Drury Lane Updated and painting credit Updated

Brighton Aquarium Updated and image Added

Queens Theatre, Poplar, London Updated and Programmes Added

16th September 2004

Sans Pareil, Strand, London Added

Tivoli Theatre, Strand, London Updated and programme Added

10th September 2004

Wrexham Hippodrome Updated and Press Cuttings Added

25th August 2004

Arthur Lloyd's Songs - Complete reworking - All songs now on one new page alphabetically, with thumbnails, sound links, writer, published dates and much information, with links to furthur details At Oxford University Library and the Copac University Libraries.

23rd August 2004

Burials page Updated again and more artistes Added

19th August 2004

Rotunda, Liverpool Added

19th August 2004

Burials page updated and more artiste's and info added

17th August 2004

Burials page updated and artistes added

10th August 2004

My house move is complete and the site will be updated again shortly.

20th July 2004

Today marks the centenary of Arthur Lloyd's Death on the 20th July 1904. Read his Obituary here.

14th July 2004

Shakespeare Singing Saloon, 36 Saltmarket, Glasgow Added

13th July 2004

Glasgow Map Updated

6th July 2004

Discuss your Music Hall Interests with like minded people in the new forum

3rd July 2004

Theatreland Maps Updated

Chiswick Empire Theatre Added

2nd July 2004

City of London Theatre, Bishopsgate Updated

Shoreditch Theatres and Halls Updated and new images Added

Euston Theatre of Varieties / Regent Theatre, King's Cross Added

Halifax Theatres Updated and Programme Added

Palladium Edinburgh Added

1st July 2004

Camden Theatre Added

29th June 2004

Theatre Royal, Edinburgh Updated and image Added

King's Theatre, Edinburgh Updated and image Added

28th June 2004

City of London Theatre, Bishopsgate Added

27th June 2004

Wilton's Music Hall Updated and Images Added

Shoreditch Theatres and Halls Updated and new images Added

25th June 2004

Theatre Royal, Hope Street, Glasgow Updated

Glasgow Citizens' Theatre Updated

Empire Theatre Glasgow Updated

Glasgow Alhambra Updated

Camberwell Theatres Updated

21st June 2004

Kingston Empire Added

17th June 2004

King's Theatre, Hammersmith Added

Lupino Lane Added

11th June 2004

Empress Theatre, Brixton Added

Theatres and Halls in Bath Updated

10th June 2004

Brighton Theatre and Halls Updated

Imperial Theatre, Brighton Added.

4th June 2004

Lewisham Hippodrome Added

25th May

Borough Theatre, Stratford East, London Updated and programme Added.

24th May 2004

Fortune Theatre, London Added

Halifax Updated

23rd May 2004

Broadway Theatre New Cross Updated

Charlie Gracie at the London Hippodrome Updated

21st May 2004

Wrexham Hippodrome Updated

14th May 2004

Newsletter Subscription page Updated

12th May 2004

Harry Robert Lloyd Page Updated and images Added

11th May 2004

Surrey Theatre Updated and Royal Circus Added

10th May 2004

Article on Little Ena Dayne by Colin Charman

Brighton Page Updated and Grand Theatre Programme Added

Stratford East Theatres Updated and Borough Theatre Added

7th May 2004

Empire Theatre Feature - This page updated, details and image Added.

30th April 2004

Empire Theatre, Glasgow Updated.

May 2004 Special Feature on The Empire Theatre, Leicester Square Added

23rd April 2004

Major Site Maintenance. Please let me know if you find any Broken Links

21st April 2004

Eastbourne Theatres and Halls Updated, Pier and Congress Theatres Added

19th April 2004

Scarborough Theatres Updated and The Spa Added

18th April 2004

Continuing with transcribing Horatio Lloyd's Autobiography

15th April 2004

Scarborough Opera House Updated and Image Added

13th April 2004

Scarborough Opera House Updated and Images Added

12th April 2004

The Strand Magazine - An Article on Henry Irving Written and Illustrated by Harry Furniss 1906 Added

Olympic Theatre, Wych Street Updated with new Programme Added

April's Special feature - This page Updated and image Added.

11th April 2004

Tod Kingman Biog Added

Talk of the Town Feature Updated

8th April 2004

'Music hall and Me' by Nick Kathwaroon Added

City Hall, Glasgow Updated with ERA Almanac Notice Added

Two Hours Genuine Fun Updated

Command Performances Updated

6th April

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Updated

About Music Hall Updated

Posters Collection Updated

5th April 2004

New Palace Theatre Westcliff on Sea Added

3rd April 2004

Website Name changed to

1st April 2004

Crouch End Hippodrome Updated

London Hippodrome Updated

26th March 2004

Cardiff Theatres and Halls Updated

Scarborough Theatres and Halls Updated

25th March 2004

April's Special Feature

24th March 2004

Crouch End Hippodrome Updated

22nd March 2004

Major Addition - The Lloyd / King Theatre Posters Collection Added. Many pages updated and added throughout the site because of this addition. Main Poster Index here...

Posters Screensaver Added

Ballyvoyan by Arthur Lloyd Added

Park Palace Liverpool Added

Regent Theatre Salford Added

Theatre Royal Jersey Added

Queens Theatre Dublin Updated

Prince of Wales Grenwich Updated

Sunderland Theatre and Halls Added

Opera House, Londonderry Added

National Standard Theatre, Shoreditch

Shoreditch Town Hall Added

Cambridge Music Hall, Shoreditch Moved

Theatre Royal, Stratford East Added

Theatre Royal Eastbourne Added

Operetta House, Clacton-On-Sea

Royalty Theatre, Glasgow Added

Theatre Royal Aberdeen Added

Palace Theatre Aberdeen Added

Crouch End Hippodrome Added

Gorleston Pavilion Theatre Added

New Cross Theatres Added

Romano's Restaurant Updated

12th March 2004

Ancestor Research page Removed due to time limitations, sorry.

Theatre Royal, Hope Street, Glasgow Updated

9th March 2004

Bath Theatres and Halls Added

8th March 2004

Minerva Hall, Glasgow updated

5th March 2004

Bijou Music Hall, The Rotunda Assembly Room, Britannia Music Hall, Southwark Added

About Music Hall - New article Added

2nd March 2004

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Updated

26th February 2004

About the London Hippodrome Page Updated

Charlie Gracie Updated

Talk of the Town Feature - This Page Updated

23rd February 2004

Romano's Restaurant on The Strand Added

The Strand Updated

Theatre Royal Drury Lane Added

Copec Union Catalogue List of Arthur Lloyd's Songs Added

21st February 2004

Arthur Lloyd - London Pavilion Programme 1892 Added

London Pavilion - Updated

Arthur at London Pavilion - Updated

17th February 2004

Hastings Theatres and Halls updated - Specifically The Gaiety Theatre

15th February 2004

Leicester Square Theatre Added

Bedford Theatre Updated

Brighton Main Page Updated

12th February 2004

Chelsea Palace Theatre added

8th February 2004

Putney Hippodrome Updated

Special Feature on London's 'Talk of the Town'

6th February 2004

Empire Theatre 1962 Feature updated

Empire Cinema Auditorium 2004 images added

Aberdeen Theatres, Tivoli Theatre added

Metropole Theatre, Glasgow, updated with new programmes

2nd February 2004

Empire Palace Theatre Edinburgh Updated

Birmingham Theatres - Specifically the Empire Palace Updated

Site Index now reflects visited links

What's New page added

1st February 2004

Horatio Lloyd's Autobiography Completed