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Special Feature on the Gala Opening Programme for the New Empire Theatre in 1962

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Click to begin featureThis month the feature is based on the Empire Theatre, Leicester Square in London - and centres around the Gala Opening Programme for the New Empire Theatre in December 19th, 1962. The Film shown was "Jumbo" with "Doris Day, Stephen Boyd, Jimmy Durante, Martha Raye and Dean Jagger.

Of course this was when the theatre, already in use as a cinema, was gutted and rebuilt as a cinema proper, but it is non the less interesting for that. In the feature there are many articles, pictures, and original programmes for the Empire in all its guises.

President of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. on the opening of the new Empire Theatre

For more information on The Empire Theatre in general including the opening night programme for 17th April 1884 Click here.

THE opening of the new Empire Theatre in Leicester Square brings added lustre to London's theatrical scene, and I am gratified that Metro-Goldwv-Mayer is able to offer London filmgoers this new luxuiy cinema to replace the venerable old Empire.

President of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.Since the inception of our company, M-G-M has always had a special interest in the British market. The British studios at Boreham Wood, where many of our finest pictures have been made and are being made today, and the Empire Theatre as the M-G-M flagship in the United Kingdom have played an immeasurably vital part in the success of our global organisation.

The building of the new Empire, representing a new peak of achievement for cinema designers, with one of London's largest theatre screens adaptable to all cinema ratios andprocesses marks the latest step in our endeavour to present entertainment to the British public in theatres of the most modern design, technical advances and luxurious comfort.

The laying of the cornerstone of the new Empire literally cements the splendid relations between M-G-M and its London enterprises. As was the old Empire one of the city's memorable landmarks so will the new Empire stand as a cinema of which both Londoners and M-G-M may be proud.

President of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.

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