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The Shakespeare Singing Saloon, 36 Saltmarket, Glasgow

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The Shakespeare was the swell hall of the Saltmarket, forerunner to Davie Brown's and the Whitebait. It was owned by Paddy McGowan and ultimately by W.G. Ross. The Shakespeare was converted to a mission hall for Harry Alfred Lond.

The Shakespeare was a tavern at 36 Saltmarket, which flourished from the 1840s to the 1860s, along with others in the Saltmarket such as the Jupiter, the Oddfellows and the Sir Walter Scott. A review from 1848 gives an early glimpse of David Brown, later such an important figure in the development of Music Hall in Glasgow: "Mr David Brown is a decided acquisition to this place of amusement, and the taste and high finish displayed in some of his songs, show him to be ever improving; he is encored in almost every song."

The proprietor in 1859 was Henry Levy, in 1860 Lachlan McGown (or McGowan); the latter also had a long career as a music hall chairman.

This information Courtesy Adam McNaughtan.

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The Shakespeare Singing Saloon should not be confused with the Shakespeare Music Hall on Watson Street, Glasgow.

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