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Details of Playbill for Arthur Lloyd at The London Pavilion


Playbill advertising a variety programme for Fred Albert's annual benefit at the London Pavilion, 13 March [1879?]

Creator(s): comedian : Lloyd, Arthur, Mr.; actor, : Clark, Henri, Mr.; actor .Laroche, Fred, Mr.; actor, : Fawn, James, Mr.; actor, : Cole, Lieutenant ("And his Funny Folks"); serio-comic, : Moon, Nelly, Miss; actor, : Don, Phoebe, Miss; actor, : Hill, Jenny, Miss; actor, : Paulina, Emily, Miss; actor, : Albert, Mrs. (wife of Fred Albert); singer, : Russell, Miss; actor, : Valckenaere, Madame; actor, : Laroche, Madame; actor, : Edmonds, Georgie, Miss; electric light exhibitor, : Roslin, Professor; duettist, : Fox, Charles, Mr.; actor, : Sedgwick, Laura, Miss; actor, : Roberts, Carrie, Miss; actor, : Golding, Alice, Miss; performer, : Johnson, Mark, Mr.; actor, : Johnson, Mrs. (wife of Mark Johnson); actor, : Zenoni, Mdlle; actor .Angell, Frank, Mr.; actor, : Mimee, -; negro performer, : Chirgwin, - ("The White-Eyed Musical Kaffir"); actor, : Penny, Dick, Mr.; actor, : Holmes, John, Mr.; recitationist, : Crocker, D., Mr.; chairman, : Young, Alfred, Mr.; actor, : Barry, W. H., Mr.; actor, : Montague, F. W., Mr.; conductor .Sarkozy, Monsieur; stage director, : Albert, Fred, Mr.; actor, : Roberts, Charles, Mr.; proprietor : Loibl, Emil, Mr.; manager, : Adams, Sam, Mr.; beneficiary, : Albert, Fred, Mr.;

Date(s): 13.3.1879

Held at The Playbill Collection - University of Kent at Canterbury - UKC/POS/LDN LPT : 0597391

Type of item: poster playbills

Note: The date 1879 pencilled in.

Publisher: London Pavilion, Tichborne Street, Westminster, London and England;

Language(s): English;

Format: black ink on paper; 370 x 124 mm.

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