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Song of Songs by Arthur Lloyd


Below is the song sheet's remark at the bottom of the front cover:

'Written, composed and sung by the author at The Oxford & Canterbury music halls.'

Listen to this song here.

The ERA remarked in Arthur's obituary:- 'In 1863 Arthur Lloyd wrote and composed “Song of Songs,” the idea being suggested to him by reading on the back of a sheet of music a list of the popular songs. It proved a sensational success, thousands of copies being sold and the publishers reaped handsome profit by the sale.'

And in the ERA Obituary:- 'Meantime Mr Arthur Lloyd had found it convenient to write his own songs. Almost his earliest efforts was a medley called “The Song Of Songs,” that started from the base of “I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls with the dark girl dressed in blue.” It had a most extraordinary career of popularity, but did not bring it’s author and composer the large fortune that one sometimes hears of as the guerdon of a comic song, for he sold the rights of publication for a mere trifle.'









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