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The Stage Equipment Company, 167 Wardour Street, London

From - The Cinema News and Property Gazette 26th March 1913

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The Cinema News and Property Gazette 26th March 1913At Stand 12A we were pleased to see Mr. R. H. Hutchinson, the inventor of a large number of the modern improvements in stage working for theatres. Every requirement was, as far as space would allow, on show for the lighting of the theatre, also the company's patented number indicators for stage, cinema, or ballroom use.

These are the most economical and efficient of all programme numerical indicators employing fewer lamps and requiring less than half the number of wires between the controller and indicators than other makes, all the internal wiring being carried to terminals. They are very simple to fix, no previous experience being necessary. Any numbers are obtainable, also usual "Deputy," "Extra turn," or alternative wording.

The Cinema News and Property Gazette 26th March 1913Although considerably less lamps are used every figure is perfectly shaped. Perch arcs of splendid design were noted, then a section of the company's patent spring footlight and a section (similar) of batten light. These are designed with flush lines and guaranteed to carry metal filament lamps and withstand shock or jerks without injury, and are entirely fireproof.

Cheaper types, designed especially for the provincial cinema exhibitor, showed the same good construction and perfectly insulated lamp holders.

The Cinema News and Property Gazette 26th March 1913A good and efficient bunch light was observed that rendered stage arcs quite unnecessary for ordinary flooding; then the clever antithesis in some cheap and dainty ashtrays first made as a "side line," and now selling in thousands for cinemas and other theatres. These are both of tip-up and rigid pattern, and of brass in various finishes. Both the ordinary and sprinkler type designs of the Stage Equipment Co.'s iron fire-curtains will well repay the consideration of exhibitors who desire to retain their variety licences.

A splendid feature was the handy dimmer for theatre lighting - easily operated, and ideal for the lighting of cinemas upon latest lines, or for re-modelled installations. A handy self-contained bioscope panel was also on show, with excellent resistance, meters, fuses and switches, the whole being ready for the attachment of cables in a perfectly simple manner.

Every theatre requirement, from a fire-curtain to an indicator, from a carbon to an ash-tray, is quite in the line of the Stage Equipment Company, who have also some excellent specialities in music-stands and orchestra lighting, also a special illuminating strip, the "Alumarsh." In a recent test a lamp burnt satisfactorily under water for eight days before going out - a remark able test indeed.

The above article was first published in The Cinema News and Property Gazette 26th March 1913.

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