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The Royal Pavilion Theatre, Rigby Road, Blackpool

Later - The Futurist Cinema / Plaza Cinema / New Alexander Cinema / Scots Karaoke Bar

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A Google StreetView image of the former Royal Pavilion Theatre, Blackpool - Click to Interact

Above - A Google StreetView image of the former Royal Pavilion Theatre, Blackpool - Click to Interact

The Royal Pavilion Theatre on Rigby Road, Blackpool, opened on the 23rd of June 1909 as a Cinema screening animated films and has had a number of name changes over the years, including the Futurist in 1929, the Plaza in 1939, and the New Alexander Cinema, under new ownership, in 1948.

The Cinema reverted to its original name in the late 1960s when live shows were also performed there during the summer months.

The Theatre was taken over by Classic Cinemas in the late 1970s but closed in 1983 when it remained empty for a year until 1984 when it reopened as a live Theatre showing so called 'Girly Shows.'

The Theatre then returned to use as a Cinema in 1990, and back to live Theatre use in 1993, but later was in use as a Karaoke Bar called Scots which is still running today. Surprisingly you can still see the old projection box sticking out of the Theatre's main Facade today.

Donald Auty writes briefly on the Royal Pavilion Theatre's 60s live theatre days in his article about Blackpool Theatres which you can read in full here, saying:-'There was a repertory season at the Royal Pavilion Theatre across Lytham Road from the Manchester Hotel. This was presented by Jack Rose with hard working jobbing actors such as John Irvine and Herbert Ramskell. The fare was Northern comedies such as 'My Wife's Lodger' and thrillers like 'The Shop at Sly Corner'. Every season a terrible pot boiler called 'Reefer Girl' popped up and played to packed houses. The theatre is still there but is now an amusement arcade. - Donald Auty.

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