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The Coliseum, Westgate, Bradford

Later - The St. James's Hall / Protestant Working Men's Hall

Also sometimes known as Pullan's Music Hall

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The Coliseum was a Music Hall situated in Westgate, Bradford and built for Henry Pullan in 1849. It was often referred to as Pullan's Music Hall but shouldn't be confused with his later replacement Music Hall which was constructed nearby in Brunswick Place in 1869 and actually named Pullan's Music Hall.

The Coliseum was run by Henry Pullan until his new Hall was opened in October 1869. The last week of his management of the Coliseum was reported in the ERA of the 24th of October 1869 saying:- 'PULLAN'S MUSIC HALL - Mddle Rouselle (characteristic dancer), Miss Lizzy Pearce (serio-comic vocalist), Mr T. B. Bridge (comic vocalist and instrumentalist) and Mr C. Clements (comic vocalist), are the latest additions to the company. The present week is the last of Mr Pullan's long and successful career at the above Hall, Monday night, the 25th, being fixed for the opening of the new Hall, which is undoubtedly one of the most commodious and elegant Music Halls in the Provinces, being 120 feet in length, and 74 feet in width; the height of the ceiling is 41 feet, and the stage 36 feet in depth. The decorations are exceedingly chaste, and the internal arrangements most complete.' - The ERA 24th October 1869.

The Coliseum was later renamed the St. James's Hall, and then later still the Protestant Working Men's Hall. The building was demolished for the Westgate improvements around 1892.

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