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The Tivoli Theatre, Broadmead, Bristol

Formerly - The Star Music Hall

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The Tivoli Theatre, Bristol originally opened as the Star Music Hall in 1870. It was very small, seating only 300 people and ran as such until 1896 when it was rebuilt after a fire.

It was owned by a real showman, Mr E.'Teddy' Leon, who was described as 'a smart gentleman who usually wore a frock coat and a very shiny box hat'. He also owned the Empire in Old Market and ran nine dentistry businesses in South Wales and the West. He had been a stage performer by the name of Edward Aubrey Goodman and had over twenty-five years' experience in the business. The Tivoli and the Empire ran programmes jointly, the artists would finish their act in one Theatre and rush off to the next, still in full make-up.

The Tivoli was probably one of the first Theatres in Bristol to show moving pictures, they were first shown there in 1896, although only for a few weeks as films were considered at the time to be just another novelty act.

The Tivoli became a full time Cinema around 1912, with a grand reopening that included performances on screen and off by 'Montana Joe', a world-famous cowboy actor, who gave three lectures a day dressed in full cowboy gear. The cinema only survived for four years however.

The building was demolished in 1952.

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