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A Sketch Arthur Lloyd's Song Sheet 'And That's Why I've Not Got 'Em On'

A Sketch Arthur Lloyd's Song Sheet 'And That's Why I've Not Got 'Em On'

Arthur Lloyd's 'And That's Why I've Not Got 'Em On'I was a fool to marry again, she does treat me badly, goes to the Theatre and leaves me to wash up, she says as I have to get up early to go to work, that it doesn't do for me to go, she thinks I'll enjoy it as well if she-tells me all about it.

I'm getting tired of it though I get a bit rusty at times, I will not do all she orders me to do, I draw the line at washing down the front steps.

She was a Widow, Old Weller used to say to his sun Sammy — "Beware of Vidders, Sammy!" He was right.

She's so dreadfully mean too, what do you think she did the other day?

When I told her that her conduct would soon kill me, she went and took the brass plate off the front door and when I asked the reason for that, she said She would only have to add the age and the day I died and it would do for the coffin, there's ghastly economy for you.

Hark! she's calling, "Yes dear, all right!"

She says "I'm to be quick and come back because her feet are cold." All right, my dear, I'm coming:—



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