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Dedicated to Arthur Lloyd, 1839 - 1904.

An early review for Arthur Lloyd at the Minerva Hall, Glasgow - Possibly his first review!

Minerva Hall Saturday Concert

Arthur Lloyd, a son of our old friend the comedian, was honoured(?) with a double encore to his imitation of Mrs Florence's ridiculous song of "Bobbing Around", and on his third appearance, not being prepared with anything different, he was victimised with most unequivocal disapprobation! The very same thing occurred at his second song on the programme. We would have expected better manners from such a respectable-looking audience. If the young man, who does not seem to have had much stage experience, and who was doing his best to please, was not up to the mark, why insist on his "coming on" a third time? We have no hesitation in saying that his treatment on Saturday evening was shameful; and perhaps the better plan, in future, would be to sturdily refuse to answer all double or even single encores, which, being now indiscriminately accorded, are no compliment whatever.

From "The Glasgow Amateur" of Oct 15, 1856.

Text courtesy Adam McNaughtan.

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