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Newington Cemetery, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh


Arthur Lloyd died in Edinburgh 1904 and was buried in Newington Cemetery, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh

Above Left - The 'Record of Mortality' ledger for 1904 - Above Right - Newington Cemetery

Arthur Lloyd's entry is near the bottom of the Ledger and shown enlarged below.

July 23rd 1904 - Lloyd Arthur - Funeral Proceeded From 18 Fettes Row - Compartment H - No. 473 - Private or Common Ground P - Depth 7 - Date of Decease 20 - Age 65 - By Whom Ordered Moir?

Although I couldn't find a headstone for Arthur Lloyd, the plot position is near the tree in the center of this picture. Newington Cemetery was once a private burial ground but was taken over by Edinburgh Council because of its neglected condition. The council has already done much work on the cemetery, clearing vast amounts of overgrowth, but unfortunately many of the stones have fallen on their fronts and are currently unreadable. This is what I suspect has happened to Arthur Lloyd's.


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