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Information and reviews for Arthur Lloyd's Sketch 'Her First Appearance'


Arthur Lloyd and his wife Katty King, and their Comic Company performed their sketch 'Her First Appearance' in many towns over the years. A review for the evening's entertainments, at the Queen's Palace of Varieties Theatre, Poplar in April 1890 from The Stage of April 18th 1890, follows:

Poster advertising Arthur Lloyd's 'Her First Appearance' at the Operetta House, Town Hall, Clacton-On-Sea - Click to EnlargeThe production of Her First Appearance by Mr. Arthur Lloyd, Miss Katty King, and Company at the Queen's Palace of Varieties, Poplar, is a conspicuous success, and Messrs. F. and M. Abrahams are to be congratulated upon having secured this drawing card. Another judicious selection on the part of the management is the engagement of Miss Dora Fielding, whose popularity is testified to by flattering reception accorded her on appearing to sing. Her pleasing style and appearance captivates the audience, and her efforts are most warmly received.

Right - Poster advertising Arthur Lloyd's 'Her First Appearance' at the Operetta House, Town Hall, Clacton-On-Sea - Click to Enlarge.

Dress is a very potent factor in success of a serio-comic, and Miss Dora Fielding possesses several of the most bewitching costumes we have ever seen, each of which shows off her handsome figure to full advantage. The Herberte combination in sketch Secrecy play well together, and meet with rounds of applause. Madeline Roser gives a smart ventriloquial performance, and receives the recognition she deserves. The Sisters Lovell, a couple of dashing duettists, gains much applause. Mr. Will Atkins contributes several character songs of the right sort in a masterly manner and is well applauded. Miss Carrie Joy sings and dances her way to favour very quickly.

Mr. Arthur Lloyd's comic singing is much appreciated. The Brothers Griffiths keep the audience in roars of laughter. To find such a laughter-provoking pair as the Brothers Griffiths would be a hard task. Miss Carlotta Davis is in great favour here, her pleasing turn being well appreciated. Mr. Charles Osborne contributes capable entertainment. Dale and Clarinder are successful, and the Lentons are well received. The Musical Director, Mr. Walter Loosley provides some very enjoyable music during the evening, and Mr. Frank Estcourt is a capital "chair."

The Stage April 18th 1890.

Posters advertising 'Her First Appearance' from the Lloyd King Poster Collection

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Above - Arthur Lloyd Posters for The Opera House, Londonderry 1887 - The Operetta House, Town Hall, Clacton-On-Sea 1899 - The City Hall Glasgow 1887 - and the Operetta House, Town Hall, Clacton-On-Sea Year unknown

From the ERA Almanac of 1892

Above - From the ERA Almanac of 1892 - Mr. Arthur Lloyd (Assisted by Miss Annie King Lloyd and Mr. Harry King Lloyd) has been on Theatrical Tour with his playes, "Ballyvogan," "Our Party," and "Major Baggs." Also at principle London and Provincial Variety Theatres in his Songs and Sketches, "Her First Appearance," "The Unfortunate Man," "If Mother Could See Me Now," Too Fatiguing," "Who'll Shut The Door?" "The Rival Lovers," &c. Author of all the above, of 1,000 Humorous Songs, and several Pantomimes, including "Little Jack And The Big Beanstalk." Songs, Plays, and Sketches Written to order. Music Composed. Address - 32 Dafforne Road, Upper Tooting, London. - Courtesy Jennifer Carnell of The Sensation Press.

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