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Cast Autographs from the Theatre Royal, Huddersfield from 1943 / 1944

A visitor to this site, Jonathan Taylor, says:- 'My Mum danced in a number of shows performed at the Theatre Royal in Huddersfield - Dick Whittington in 1943, Red Riding Hood, Goody Two Shoes, and Robin Hood, all in 1944. I've taken photos of her autograph books and would be delighted if you could share them on your site - it seems such a shame to simply consign such memories to history.

Dick Whittington had Elsie Videau, Walter Kirby and Verno & Casselli among the cast. Red Riding Hood had Len Laurie as Dame Trot. Goody Two Shoes was produced by Max Brewster and featured the Marsh Brothers. And Robin Hood featured Peggy Ford-Carrington.' - Jonathan Taylor.

Dick Whittington 1943

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Red Riding Hood 1944

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Goody Two Shoes 1944

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Robin Hood 1944

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Autograph Photographs Courtesy Jonathan Taylor

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