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The Alhambra Palace Music Hall, Porter Street, Hull

Later - The Hippodrome

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The Alhambra Palace, Hull - Courtesy Alan Chudley.

Above - The Alhambra Palace, Hull - Courtesy Alan Chudley.

The Alhambra Palace Music Hall was situated on Porter Street, Hull and opened in 1864. The building was originally constructed as a chapel which was later known as St. Luke's church. The front of the building was Stuccoed and said to have been 'richly ornamented.'

The Alhambra's auditorium was large and high with balconies surrounding the centre on all three sides and had a capacity of 4,000. The auditorium was apparently 'richly ornamented,' and the lounges and saloons were said to have been 'luxurious.'

The Hall later became part of the Barrasford circuit and was renamed the Hippodrome after extensive alterations.

The Hippodrome Theatre was destroyed by bombs in 1941.

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