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The Liver Music Hall, 46 Mersey Street, Liverpool

Also known as Ceda's Music Hall

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Also see: The Liver Music Hall, Whitechapel, Liverpool

The Liver Music Hall was situated at 46 Mersey Street, Liverpool, and was a small Concert Hall attached to a Public House called the Liver Tavern, sometimes also called the Liver Vaults. It had accommodation for around 260 people and was run by Signor Antonio Devoto in the late 1860s. The building was situated next to the Custom House, the General Post Office, and the Sailor's Home. It may have taken on the Liver Music Hall name when the former Liver Music Hall in Whitechapel, Liverpool, was reconstructed and enlarged and had its name changed to the Constellation Music Hall in December 1866.

In January 1871 an advertisement in the ERA informs us that the proprietor of the Mersey Street Liver Music Hall, William Ceda, was looking for a Lady Pianist, a Lady Serio-Comic, and a Lady Characteristic and Dancer to live in the house and be engaged in the Hall on a permanent basis. William Ceda and his wife Maryon were professional vocalists who lived in the building as well as running it, and it was consequently sometimes referred to as Ceda's Music Hall.

In 1880 the Liver Tavern and Music Hall were put up for sale by a Mr. Wright, for a price of £250. Wright seems to have owned the premises since 1876 and also had a number of other 'spirit vaults' in the area at this time.

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