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Hardy's Concert and Supper Rooms at the Dog Inn, Deansgate, Manchester

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This Music hall or Concert Room was situated at the old Dog Inn Public House in Deansgate, Manchester. The Hall was run in its earliest days by it's proprietor Joseph Hardy and was always advertised as being 'for gentlemen only'. The earliest record I can find for this venue was in June 1856 when Misses Sherran, Mr Geo Ashford, and Mr Ben Williams were performing. Arthur Lloyd is known to have performed here in the early years of his Music Hall career too.

If you'd like to know what kind of a place the Dog Inn was, an article in the Newcastle Weekly Chronicle about Arthur Lloyd performing at various Music Halls, including the Dog Inn, in their June the 10th 1893 edition, sums it up nicely, saying:- 'The very names of these places suggest what music halls were in those days. They were merely rooms attached to public houses, in which people smoked and drank while listening to the performance of a few of the "talent." The halls had mostly sanded or sawdusted floors; they were encumbered with tables; and the landlord or his representative generally officiated as chairman, and encouraged trade by drinking with anybody who had a mind to offer a glass. The Dog Inn, Manchester, has disappeared. On its site has been erected a large building for diorama shows.'

Henry Irving. Click for ObituaryIn Arthur Lloyd's Reminiscences by C. Douglas Stuart in 1904 he says:- 'For several years he toured the country with increasing popularity, performing at such halls as Grainger’s, Newcastle; Holder’s, Birmingham; and the Dog Inn, Manchester; and at the last named place his brother Fred, who was the comedian at the local Theatre Royal, and Henry Irving, who was also in the same company, used to come over to listen to his “turn.”

The last proprietor of the Dog Inn was George Hardy, a relative of the original proprietor Joseph Hardy. In the late 1860s George Hardy had had his licence taken away and he was made bankrupt, the last advertisement for the Concert Hall at the Dog Inn seems to have been in 1866, and by 1893 the Dog Inn itself had been demolished.

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