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The First Royal Theatre, Marefair, Northampton

Later - The Empire Theatre of Varieties

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The Royal Theatre which was situated on Marefair, Northampton, opened in 1806 and during its height was home to the likes of Charles Matthews, Charles Kemble, William Macready, Farren, and John Coleman. Notable productions at the Royal were 'Night Birds', 'A Mad Marriage', 'Jessie the Machine Girl', 'The Strike', 'The Love That Lasts', and 'Madeline Martell' the last of which was produced by the Mlle Beatrice Comedy Company who were always well received at the Theatre.

In January 1885 Frank Sumerville took over the Theatre and turned it into a Music Hall called The Empire Theatre of Varieties but this only lasted until 1887 when the Theatre was demolished for road improvements.

This Royal Theatre should not be confused with the Royal Theatre and Opera House on Guildhall Road, Northampton.

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