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Date: 26.04.2006 at 12:22:28

Name: Bernard A. Fuller

Message Contents: A very interesting site! Keep up the good work. A lot of information is given on the sit. I will definitely visit it again.


Date: 15.04.2006 at 21:43:35

Name: Alan Atkins

Message Contents: Excellent website. Most helpful for my research on Rudyard Kipling and his poetry of the 1890s. Many thanks.


Date: 13.04.2006 at 12:53:21

Name: James H J Roberts

Message Contents: I saw my very first superstar at the Queen's Theatre Poplar, the wonderful Dorothy Squires with Billy Reid at the piano,also Jane of the Daily Mirror with her little dog Fritz,my first view of a nude lady at 14...happy days


Date: 11.04.2006 at 02:45:03

Name: nedret

Message Contents: thank you for everything


Date: 30.03.2006 at 21:13:54

Name: Mgbada Joe

Message Contents: What a great website, a rich resource and beautifully put together.


Date: 20.03.2006 at 20:18:22

Name: Richard Hope-Hawkins

Message Contents: Don helped me get my irst job as Pantomime Company Manager! what a superb site,l would love to hear from Don.


Date: 19.03.2006 at 18:43:01

Name: Steve Hooley

Message Contents: Great site Can you help me please - my maternal grandad was called William Summerfield and I am told that he was the leader of the orchestra that played at Dewsbury Empire in or around the 1930's. I am trying to put a bit of a history together and I would appreciate any information relating to the above gentleman. Thanks in anticipation Stephen Summerfield Hooley


Date: 12.03.2006 at 15:16:08

Name: Karen Gee

Message Contents: A great site - thank you. My great grandfather Harry Wincott was a music hall songwriter and your site managed to bring the music hall to life for me. It also made me realise that I should do more work on my own site to get it to a more acceptable standard!


Date: 10.03.2006 at 02:12:38

Name: Jo Walker

Message Contents: Hey there! The site is looking great mate. See you tomorrow.


Date: 04.03.2006 at 18:51:17

Name: Francoise GATTI

Message Contents: We are the Gatti Family and we make musicals in Corsica and in Paris ... Hello ... FrancoiseGatti


Date: 21.02.2006 at 16:26:21

Name: Sammy

Message Contents: I love ur site


Date: 21.02.2006 at 16:26:30

Name: Davina Denton



Date: 14.02.2006 at 21:48:33

Name: Brian Matthews

Message Contents: I was very interested in reading your site. I was born in 1938, at 6 Mary Terrace, which was the passage at the side of the Bedford Theatre.


Date: 12.02.2006 at 02:39:32

Name: tom hendricks

Message Contents: I really enjoyed your website. Just saw a Mat. showing of "Mrs. Henderson Presents" and the info you have on The Windmill Theatre was just what I was hoping to find. Thank you so much for a really fascinating insight to The Windmill. I live in the United States and love your beautiful country. Thanks again. Tom


Date: 06.02.2006 at 21:23:05

Name: Tamara Eve Seidman

Message Contents: I love your site. I found it after researching The Windmill Theatre, the history of which intrigued me after I saw the film, "Mrs. Henderson Presents."


Date: 31.01.2006 at 17:49:29

Name: Brian

Message Contents: Just to say how much I enjoy the site. I didn't know anything about Arthur before, but thanks to your site I now know a great deal. It has also filled out my knowledge of music hall considerably. Keep up the excellent work.


Date: 24.01.2006 at 06:08:18

Name: annie rule

Message Contents: Lovely work and a genuine thrill to discover this web site! Hope it is still going strong (January 2006). I actually did my Honours paper on London music hall - and after recently completing a Phd on another theme am now going back to this great love of mine to write a journal article. Had a copy of a photo of Dan Leno on my wall throughout the Phd period - gave me courage to keep going!! Thank you again for your hard work here, really appreciated. I will be sure to mention this site in my journal article. Best wishes from Annie Rule


Date: 12.01.2006 at 14:43:22

Name: Ted Bottle

Message Contents: This is a wonderful site and long overdue. Donald Auty's experiences add a raft of valuable information, rarely obtainable from books, and which will be hugely important to future theatre historians. The origins of music hall are well documented yet the information is mainly about London. There was a flourishing provincial circuit of early music halls too but these have not been investigated to any extent. While researching for my book, "Coventry's Forgotten Theatre" (Badger Press) - which is largely about the Theatre Royal and Empire (1819 - 1895), as well as the Victorian provincial theatre in general, I included the history of the city's three pub music halls from around 1870, together with some of the visiting artists including the then unknown Vesta Tilley. Although they all closed before the first proper variety theatre opened, these pub music halls were an important part of the entertainment equation yet Coventry is only known for the Hippodrome which came much later. The Coventry scene was replicated everywhere else yet because so little has been published we have a somewhat distorted picture. (Ted Bottle)


Date: 07.01.2006 at 04:37:51

Name: grant loyd

Message Contents: i am the grandson of arthur henry lloyd born 1896 in birmingham and am searching for his father's name who died of tuberculosis while henry was 4 or 5. thanks. grant.


Date: 04.01.2006 at 08:14:26

Name: charles lilley

Message Contents: great reading,came to this site looking for penton place in south london,which was a site of a famous music hall.good luck and best wishes for 2006 from new zealand,chas.


Date: 17.12.2005 at 23:08:42

Name: lee

Message Contents: just a correction.this site tells how the amazing water spectacle at blackpool tower stopped after first leisure refused to come up with the money to have filters cleaned.this is not the case.the Backpool tower circus has never missed a season since it opened in 1894,and the circus has never once been without its spectacualr ending,in all those this very day,it still forms the great finale to this most famous circus.


Date: 16.12.2005 at 19:16:45

Name: Nicholas Davey

Message Contents: Wonderful site, found the Theatre in Elephant and Castle that family legend says my Great Grand father and his bros walked the boards


Date: 23.11.2005 at 23:11:58

Name: Ernie Glover

Message Contents: Fascinated by your site. I am the great-great-grandson of Edmund Glover, and the great-grandson of William Glover. Both owned the Glasgow Theatre Royal.


Date: 21.10.2005 at 20:15:23

Name: Duggie Chapman

Message Contents: Congratulations Matthew on a wonderful website. Some happy memories for me starting as a performer aged 18 at the Collins Music Hall, and the Met Edgware Rd. This year I am celebrating 50 years in showbusiness and for 30 years have been presenting Variety and Music Hall without a break. Who say's VARIETY is DEAD. I would like to re produce some of these articles in book form to widen the interest of Music Hall to our current day audiences. It is a wonderful find, please keep it going. Kind Wishes Duggie Chapman,


Date: 21.10.2005 at 13:53:12

Name: Will Fyffe Jr

Message Contents: What a wonderful collection. I shall enjoy a more thorough read when I have a moment. I feel guilty for not doing a website for my dad, though I have written a musical about him! Congratulations, Will PS Steve Barclay brought your site to my attention.


Date: 21.10.2005 at 12:10:00

Name: steve barclay

Message Contents: What a great site .. I have an intrest in Music Hall in that I am a music hall performer of the present, see Your site is so well documented, I will keep an eye out for a recording of Mr Lloyd. I have even appeared at some of the Theatres you mention!


Date: 07.10.2005 at 18:06:21

Name: gordon mr cooper

Message Contents: I could never criticise this site ,as it brought back some very happy memories for me as I used to go the one of the Leeds theatres at least once a week ,I have seen some great artists at these theatres and my world fell apart when the Leeds Empire was demolished as I spent many happy hours in my younger days going to the old Empire ,Keep up the good work and may we see variety back one day .But I dont think I shall see it as I am 73 but who knows . Gordon Cooper


Date: 27.09.2005 at 12:44:07

Name: john connell

Message Contents: Gosh I wish my late Mum had seen your site. My 'lineage' is variety through and through. Mum was a singer multi novelty instrumentalist (musical saw, mini concertinas etc) My dad was a comic. their double act (mainly in Scotland) was Harper and Roze. My grandad was a comic, grandma a singer. great grandparents in early carl rosa opera. My parents moved from galsgow to Blackpool in 1960 as Mum (now a solo act... Marie Ford) had a summer season at the north pier. I spent the majority of my childhood in dressing rooms at most Blackpool venues, watching the last gasps of variety before it sucumbed to the rise of the'clubs'. I finished up as a professional opera singer (basso) mainly down at ENO (the lovely coliseum theater)and the ROH covent garden) Both the above getting fabulous restoration jobs I'm delighted to say. Sadly after a 20 year career singing around the world I had a bad stroke which forced me to retire at the young age of 43 in 1999. Anyway, I've really enjoyed looking at yor site, thanks! regards John connell


Date: 09.09.2005 at 23:25:40

Name: Tony Hardman

Message Contents: Pls send my kindest regards to Donald would you and tell him that l was asking about him my web site is www of course pls let him have it l am also doing some work for the new owner of twisters which is the old Theatre Royal bulbt in 1889 firstly as the town hall for bournemouth and then a theatre it was used during the last war as a service base and in 1959 renamed the NEW THEATRE ROYAL it is now back as live venue. pls ask don to contact me congratulations tony


Date: 19.08.2005 at 17:34:48

Name: Anne Trembley

Message Contents: Beautifully illustrated and researched site! A GREAT READ, lots of helpful bits of information. Makes me miss the days of my childhood when Melodrama was still performed on the very Last river paddlewheel steamer on the Mississippi in St Louis.


Date: 13.08.2005 at 23:21:40

Name: Stanley Gibbons

Message Contents: Most interesting site and thank you for your efforts.I am interested in topography of London but Music Halls/theatres so much a part. I would like to download your picture of Wych Street as i have quite a few pictures/prints now and am beginning, for my own amusement, tobuild up a picture of the area before 1900 development. good luck..........Stan


Date: 31.07.2005 at 16:59:37

Name: Peter Honri

Message Contents: Delighted to find your web site would love to make contact as my latest book 'Lion Comique' will be published in October 2005! Your Grandfather features a lot together with MacDermott and George Leybourne etc!!! Please contact me through my Son in Law - e-mail adress supplied.


Date: 31.07.2005 at 12:24:49

Name: Mary McAllister-Rees

Message Contents: What a fascinating site. I came across it when I was trying to find out who the sand dancers were. I used to see such acts as this when visiting the Empire Theatre in Newcastle as a girl. Other gems were Sid Fields, Old Mother Rayleigh and her daughter Kittie, Cyril Fletcher. etc., etc. A true feast - though I probably didn't appreciate it at the time. I have only dipped into your site so far but look forward to exploring it further. Thank you.


Date: 27.07.2005 at 22:30:20

Name: Gloria Miles

Message Contents: I have just seen the article on your site about The Talk Of The Town theatre restaurant with a complete run-down on the opening Programme. I was a young dancer in this show and there I am in the Programme. I would dearly love to obtain a copy - does anyone have one to sell? Many thanks for giving me the chance to see it.


Date: 27.07.2005 at 13:25:35

Name: dav brook

Message Contents: cool


Date: 03.07.2005 at 02:05:54

Name: Trish Lewis

Message Contents: Amazing homeage to your ancestor, and to a special performer outright. Many thanks for sharing with all of us! Trish from Fargo, North Dakota (USA) -


Date: 26.06.2005 at 18:46:27

Name: Beryl Beattie

Message Contents: A magnificent site. Loved the revolving prgrammes. Fascinating, reading all the comments, realising Music Hall still lives, if only in treasured memories.


Date: 20.06.2005 at 23:45:42

Name: clive

Message Contents: thanks to your web site people no longer think i am telling stories when i talk of the lavish putney hipperdome that i found as a young lad in the 70s and gained access through a loose sheet of corrugated iron to find a wonderfull glimpse into a past sadly now long lost .i will allways remember all fabrics and carvings even in their shabby neglected states .so thanks for a look back in time yours clive.


Date: 20.06.2005 at 16:15:57

Name: Lesley Elson

Message Contents: Thank you for the lovely picture of Edmund Payne who is my great grandfather. I love looking at pictures of him because my father is the spitting image.


Date: 04.05.2005 at 20:06:16

Name: James Roberts

Message Contents: Take great care of this very important historical website, it may well be the only one of its kind. Jim


Date: 25.04.2005 at 06:30:06

Name: john busbridge

Message Contents: Found your site while doing a nostalgia trip round my old haunts. I used to frequent both the New Cross Empire, my school was opposite and the broadway theatre, happy days, knocking them down is not my idea of progress. The site is superb and I shall return often, kind regards John.


Date: 15.04.2005 at 17:08:55

Name: alan rebbeck

Message Contents: Sorry I can't remember if I have already entered my name into your guest book. Just in case I haven't I want to congratulate you on a wonderful web site. Please keep up the good work, and ignore the ignoramis!!Thankyou Alan Rebbeck


Date: 12.04.2005 at 18:46:12

Name: Martin Verdrager

Message Contents: I just found your site today as curiosity about Music Hall in general, table entertainment specifically and a question by a friend about the song "I've got a loverly Bunch of Coconuts" ( I think it's from music hall sources), got the best of me. I Iook forward to exploring it. On the page for Charles Morton, the caricature has no attribution, but looks like one that might have appeared in Vanity Fair. Can you name the source? Thank you, ML Verdrager


Date: 10.04.2005 at 20:45:44

Name: alan rebbeck

Message Contents: This is an excellent site.My friend a great theatre person introduced me to it.I have only just begun. I have already forwarded you to three friends in NYC who are Frank Matcham fans. I'm of course interested in The Royal Artillery Theatre,Woolwich.The Woolwich Empire and The New Cross Empire. All 3 have long gone.But once again thank you for an excellent site. Sincerely Alan Rebbeck


Date: 05.04.2005 at 15:20:13

Name: Randy Stark

Message Contents: You purchased a book from me and referred me to the London Bridge section of this site. It's taken me a while to get to it but I'm glad I did. Great history, very enjoyable format. I have passed it on to some friends. Keep up the great work. Warm regards, Randy Stark


Date: 21.03.2005 at 01:30:26

Name: Robert Connolly

Message Contents: Thank you for the site. I think it is excellent. If any of you could help me with a project I am struggling with namely Music Hall Birmingham 1850-1900 I would appreciate any knowledge you may wish to share. Contemperary accounts are diffficult to trace. Licencing regulation and censorship were arguments strongly appossed by the then burgeoning populations If any of you have further info on the Music Hall scene in Birmingham UK circa 1850-1900 in particular personal accounts and thoughts I would appreciate your contact. Best wishes RobC


Date: 20.03.2005 at 01:51:07

Name: michael Daniels

Message Contents: I am the son of "Charles Ray" (Charles Daniels) Tenor Singer with George Thompsons "Comedy Concoctions" from the late 20's to 1939, when he became 2nd lieut C.W.Daniels R.A.S.C. Still singing whenever duties allowed until he was killed in 1943, I have much memorabilia of those concert party day's and fond memories of all the after performance parties. anyone remember amogst many others"Swannee""Squirrel" "Stan" "Vi""and Charles great pal and wonderful pianist "Syd Challis"George Thompson promoter/stage manager/agent boot and shoe repairer as well in Leytonstone High st, (with Parrot)all fondly rememberd


Date: 05.03.2005 at 02:27:50

Name: Les Osman

Message Contents: Hello,discovered this site tonight and have been fascinated.Shame I could not find out anything about Croydon Empire but never mind.I have just retired from working as House Manager at a Matcham Theatre,The Everyman in Cheltenham.Opened in 1891 and still going strong.I shall be back for another look!Congratulations on the site.C'est magnifique.


Date: 01.03.2005 at 22:41:54

Name: Gerry Thurgut

Message Contents: What a wonderful web site. I am an avid collector of biographies, sheet music, memorabilia and all things music hall.I would be happy to discuss further Thank you Gerry


Date: 21.02.2005 at 10:01:08

Name: Philip Yates

Message Contents: While in the John Lewis department store at Cribbs Causeay near Bristol, I was caught by an old photo (which I love). There was a photograph of Piccadilly Circus, with crowds on the pavements. The LP is shown in the background and it was then showing Any Old Thing. I determined to find out when the photo was taken and your website quickly enabled me to fix it, approximately. There were uniformed soldiers in the crowds and the dress was "Edwardian", so they must have been waiting for a military parade to pass by. Thanks!


Date: 20.02.2005 at 11:07:33

Name: James Roberts

Message Contents: A wonderful site,great photo's of the Queens Theatre Poplar,saw my first superstar there in the early 40s,DOROTHY SQUIRES and Billy Read at the piano, also my first nude, JANE of the Daily Mirror. mant thanks for the memory. Jim


Date: 19.02.2005 at 09:47:03

Name: R H Scott-Spencer

Message Contents: I worked as a freelance and relief projectionist and stage crew. I have been writting my working life and learnt a lot about the places I worked in from this site.


Date: 10.02.2005 at 20:15:36

Name: Stella Pratt

Message Contents: What a superb site! Beautifully presented and informative. I'm an undergrad student at Glasgow University, doing a Eng Lit project on the critical reception and stage adaptations of Wilkie Collins's 1860s novel Armadale. It is tremendously exciting to see contemporary Globe programs and actual photographs of the street and theatre where adaptations were performed. Thank heavens that these artefacts came to someone who so generously gives people the opportunity of seeing them. It is an invaluable collection and a delight. I'll certainly be back. Thank you again!


Date: 20.01.2005 at 19:15:21

Name: Bob Bain

Message Contents: Still the best Music Hall web site on the net. Keep up the excellent work. Bob Bain


Date: 05.01.2005 at 17:41:13

Name: Angie

Message Contents: Found your great site whilst researching Carlo Gatti. for those who maybe interested originally came from Ticino (Switz.) He was instrumental in selling the first penny ice cream to the masses, introducing the UK to the first Cafe society and much more. After attending an london walk which included a visit to the Hungerford Music Hall a few years ago, I do know that there are large archives about the Ticinese immigrants who worked for his little empire, I believe still located at the British Museum. May find some of the programmes listings there plus Carlo Gatti is also featured on the canal museum website based in Kings Cross. Anyway, thanks for introducing me to even more info about the music halls in London. Truly fascinating - can almost hear the announcements on stage during the break - 'getcha penny ice creams in the foyer!' Keep up the excellent work.


Date: 30.12.2004 at 06:04:45

Name: bill oleary

Message Contents: thank you mr.Lloyd for a very interesting lookback into the history of the theatre. I appreciate the time you have taken; for this website to be avalable;many thanks. bill oleary.


Date: 24.11.2004 at 13:37:48

Name: James

Message Contents: Did you know that Dame Judi Dench is Laurua Henderson in a new movie currently being made at Shepperton Studios 'Mrs Henderson Presents'. This covers the period from 1930's - 1940's and recreates some of the musical revues and tableaux. The movie should be released in Autumn/Winter 2005.


Date: 22.11.2004 at 20:11:31

Name: Chrissie LeFranc

Message Contents: Interesting site, enjoyed visiting it. Am looking for my grandfather Frederick LeFranc (also known as Robert Franks, music hall performer around 1890 - 1920, Collins Music Hall, Islington being where he regularly performed. Can you help re my tracing this music hall and artistes ? Would much appreciate any info. Chrissie LeFranc


Date: 07.11.2004 at 15:42:33

Name: John Allen

Message Contents: I've spent hours enthalled in your website. It's very interesting.I've been seaching the music halls because my Great Grandfather and his father were actors/comedians on the london stage & lived in Southwark. Maybe the played in the Surrey Theatre at St.Georges Circus?. There names were Thomas Taylor Allen and Thomas Allen. Maybe one day I'll find there names on a billboard? "It's a great site", Kind regards John Allen


Date: 30.10.2004 at 17:22:53

Name: Sue Barbour

Message Contents: Happened to put my father's name in Search and your page came up re. The Adam Faith Show in Bridlington. My parents are Jean & Peter Barbour. I was in Bridlington for the school holidays and had a great time. The following year we were all in Margate. Great website. I am emailing details to my daughter who is the manager of business operations at a theatre in Portland, Oregon, USA. Jean & Peter now have two great grand-children - hopefully one or all will be in show biz This site brought back loads of memories - Thanks. Sue


Date: 24.10.2004 at 16:24:12

Name: Robert Thomson

Message Contents: Thanks for such a good website. I found a picture of my father Ken Thomson in The Talk of the Town 1958 brochure which was very nice as he passed away in 2002. Another close friend Burt Rohdes Musical Directot also passed away last year. Although the picture in the brochure spells his Name with a "P" I would like to get hold of a copy. When I print of the internet I seem only to cut his picture in half. Would it be possible to send it to me in a different format? If you wish to know anything to do with The Talk of the Town we are still in contact with a few of the "remaining" people. Many Thanks agian Robert Thomson R


Date: 21.10.2004 at 16:25:50

Name: Rosemary St.Leger-May

Message Contents: Sorry, reference to my earlier signing of your Guest Book - I should have mentioned that The Surrey Theatre is the one in Blackfriars Road, Lamberth, London. Apologies for not stating this earlier.


Date: 21.10.2004 at 11:15:09

Name: Rosemary St.Leger-May

Message Contents: Fascinating site. I was especially interested in the Surrey Threatre as my husband's great grandfather. George Phillips was the Musical Director/Leader of the Orchestra there during the 1870s/1880s. He knew George Conquest well and also Sir Arthur Sullivan who had played the Flute in the Orchestra there (this was prior to 1870s/1880s, I believe). My husband's grandmother often spoke of the times when Arthur Sullivan visited their home in Balham. George Phillips' music scores are still in the ownership of our family.


Date: 21.10.2004 at 11:16:29

Name: Phil Green

Message Contents: I am writing a memoir of my life pre-war. can remember going to The London Music Hall in the twenties and was thrilled to discover your site which mentions it . Unfortunately there are no details on the link you have provided ,only news of the Standard Theatre in the same area.Can you elucidate? I would be most grateful. Incidentally, one of the artists who appeared at The London was the 'lugubrious' comedian, Sam Mayo,and for some reason or other he has remained clearly in my memory from those far off days. A further memory. My mother and I sat in the gallery - Cost? FOURPENCE (2p)each! Phil Green


Date: 14.10.2004 at 11:46:10

Name: Steve Hull

Message Contents: I would very much like to hear from anyone who might be able to confirm if George Sweetser (a roller-skating female impersonator) or if a Mr Conway and a Mr Stewart (possibly a comedy double-act)ever appeared at Collins Music Hall, probably during the years late 1890s to c1905. Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Date: 13.10.2004 at 01:10:00

Name: Anthony H King

Message Contents: It may be of interest to you to know that my wife is related to the Poole family, and we have the silver trowel used to lay the foundation stone of the S. London Music Hall in 1892 by Mrs. I.I.Poole.


Date: 12.10.2004 at 00:01:52

Name: Gill Price

Message Contents: DOLLY HARMER - message on this guestbook for 14.01.04. Will Marie or Paula Caron or Stephen Whitehead contact me at the above address please as the e-mail address you left is not now valid. I have important information on Dolly Harmer to share.


Date: 01.10.2004 at 14:56:24

Name: Tony Flynn

Message Contents: Just visited your site,really interesting.Iwas interested in the poster for the Salford Palace,Cross Lane,Salford.Ihave just written a book entitled"cross Lane",which gives the historys of both the Salford Palace and Salford Hippodrome with brief mentions of some of the "turns" who appeared there.Has any one anything on a comedy artiste called"Witty Watty Walton",who appeared on the opening night at Salford Hippodrome in 1904.Best wishes Tony Flynn.


Date: 26.08.2004 at 14:11:43

Name: Anne Jeffery

Message Contents: Hi Matthew. Great site. I've "stolen" lots of information from your timeline thank you. I'm a canal/Industrial Revolution historian with a site that has a timeline of its own. I've taken the liberty of putting a mention of your site on my links page. Hope that's OK. Like you I'm a real human being and fund my site myself. Good luck with yours. Cheers Anne J


Date: 24.08.2004 at 02:08:03

Name: Ted Dann

Message Contents: Congratulations on a nice site I have not fully explored it as yet,one correction on the Hippodrome Putney, I was a Projectionist here for a number of years, and knew it had been owned by the three leading Circuits in turn over a period, but when I joined it in 1942, it was an ODEON then, it had two of the brightest lit amber clocks on each side of the auditorium I have ever seen. Cheers! Ted.


Date: 03.08.2004 at 17:27:56

Name: Ted Williamson

Message Contents: Why has it taken me so long to find your invaluable site? My Blackpool training has helped me survive many years in theatre and television. I recall, vividly, so many of the people and places you mention. Thanks. TW.


Date: 26.07.2004 at 12:46:38

Name: chris watkins

Message Contents: Brilliant, interesting site. I was looking for the "Olympic" Theatre(which previous sources had led me astray by calling the "Olympia" ). Yours was the site that answered my queries. Now i've gone off on an inevitable tangent from my original research studies 7 got interested in the rest of your stuff. One question (which you've probably already answered on-site; can I still get a copy of the actual book "Lost Theatres of 19th century London"? None of our (UK) libraries seem to have it. Many thanks.


Date: 04.07.2004 at 23:32:26

Name: marian

Message Contents: i dont know if you can help me at all, but i saw your website with camberwell halls and entertainment and i thought i would send you an email. I am doing my family tree and have come across a relative in the 1901 census, whose occupation is down as an "actor professional". He is called William Allan Brown (i know he couldve used another name) he was 28. have you any ideas where i could look to try and find any more information about him any help would be appriciated thanks marian


Date: 03.07.2004 at 13:38:49

Name: ray cornell

Message Contents: Viewed your site today,for the first time.Thanks to don auty for the great tour around the blackpool thatres.


Date: 23.05.2004 at 01:02:51

Name: Georgina

Message Contents: I found your website very interesting, especially seeing a picture of my grandfather, Robert George Lloyd. Thank you for the insight into my ancestors...


Date: 06.05.2004 at 23:44:32

Name: Humphry

Message Contents: Congratulations on a fascinating site - my visit has left me humming "encore one polka"! It really is well-organised; it's quite piquant to see a bit of music hall history turned into a website.


Date: 06.04.2004 at 22:26:32

Name: Ralph Miller

Message Contents: Great site,full of great information about the London Pavillion where I worked as a projectionist from 1957 until 1962,Dr No,Tom Jones,Never on a Sunday,The Great Dictator and many many more great films are part of my memory.Just wish I could contact old workmates who were there at that time.


Date: 05.04.2004 at 11:38:31

Name: Nikky

Message Contents: Very delighted to see references to the Windmill Theatre on your site. Any chance of a few stills from the shows - there used to be an illustrated Souvenir Brochure Programme available, but I had to get rid of the ones I had. Also there was a very interesting one for Rip-Off, which in my view was most certainly not!!! Thanks.


Date: 30.03.2004 at 13:11:54

Name: Alan Cobb

Message Contents: A fantastic site. I lived in the fish shop just along from the Queens Theatre in Poplar High Street, I have never seen that pic before, I remember it after the war when a third of it had been bombed.Congratulations on a very informative site.


Date: 25.03.2004 at 10:40:56

Name: Dr Robin Stephenson

Message Contents: Hi I came across this excellent website while I was searching for Wilson Kepple and Betty. Still looking but was fascinated to read this one on the old music halls. I recall the open theatres in the London parks too. Oh, and just one point; you would have to go back some time to hear 'God Save the Queen'. In the forties, and for half a century, it had been 'God Save the King'. Kind regards. ....Robin


Date: 14.03.2004 at 21:15:29

Name: Patty V.

Message Contents: I found all this information very helpful in my research on several lost London theatres.


Date: 08.03.2004 at 23:39:26

Name: Jim Atkinson

Message Contents: Found your site because of my interest in the cemetry Echobank aka Newington. My great grandfather William Mitchell Forrester was Superintendent at the cemetery for 24 years until he died there in 1907.He lived there on the grounds at Echobank Lodge. Don't know if he is buried there or not?


Date: 02.03.2004 at 14:50:27

Name: guy heselden

Message Contents: I used to work at the Hippodrome while it was owned by Peter Stringfellow, had some really good times then. I have really enjoyed viewing your web site, I used to enjoy exploring around the building and coming across odd bits of history from time to time...........


Date: 28.02.2004 at 19:28:50

Name: Denny Holloway

Message Contents: Unbelievable! Have just re-lived a bit of my past. Arthur Holloway of the South London Palace may have been an ancestor of mine. My first week in variety was at Newcastle Palace. What wonderful days they must have been in Arthur's time.


Date: 29.02.2004 at 19:47:34

Name: Bob Bain

Message Contents: Wow !! it gets bigger and better every time. You are putting us all to shame. Keep up the excellent work. Bob Bain


Date: 12.02.2004 at 10:29:12


Message Contents: Wonderful website; always full of interesting archive material written with a passion for the theatre. The Don Auty items always eagerly awaited!


Date: 10.02.2004 at 12:25:52

Name: Pam Hayward

Message Contents: Very interesing site. I have a photo of Eugene Stratton's minstrels on stage - anyone interested?


Date: 14.01.2004 at 20:40:54

Name: marie and paula caron

Message Contents: we are looking for an our relative from the 1800,s we dont know if its just a stage name or not Dolly Harmer caron and a possible relation wee georgie wood possibly related to each other or just a double act it would be lovely to find out


Date: 14.01.2004 at 11:41:46

Name: maria smith

Message Contents: i am the god daughter of a man whose grandfather was edmund payne,an actor in musicals at the gaiety theatre 1865-1914.i'm trying to contact barbara choddy,who also has an interest in edmund.anyone with any info please e-mail me.thanks.


Date: 11.11.2003 at 14:12:35

Name: Jean Greenberg

Message Contents: After following a link to the wonderful article on Blackpool, I've enjoyed exploring the excellent information on this site. I spent many happy hours in the theatres of Glasgow and Blackpool (especially in the 1950s)and enjoyed the talents of many of the artistes described here. Sincere thanks.


Date: 06.11.2003 at 18:47:43

Name: Michael Lloyd-Davies

Message Contents: My family were involved in early recording and in show business in Blackpool in the war years. I found your web site most interesting.I want to publish my search for family history but have a lot more work to do.Fantastic this web linking isn't it? Best wishes. Mike born Michael Batten (mothers name Schultz)


Date: 06.11.2003 at 18:40:57

Name: simon dye

Message Contents: Hello fantastic site, very informative. I'm a university student researching all things Windmill. Does anyone out there know any of the Windmill girls from the 40's or 50's? Any infomation anyone could give me would be very gratefully recieved. Thanks for your time byeee.


Date: 03.11.2003 at 12:50:37

Name: Frances Anderson

Message Contents: Congratulations it is a beautifully presented site. From your Australian cousin


Date: 29.10.2003 at 23:48:23

Name: Shirley M

Message Contents: Congratulation on a wonderful site. enjoyed it very much We are interested in the music hall as my husbands great grandfather James Baker Husk was a chairman and a bass singer in Dr Johnsons tavern.Cider Cellars.Royal Music Hall and The Oxford His death was reported in the E.R.A.he died in 1879 Will certainly visit again


Date: 27.10.2003 at 15:18:08

Name: Julian Morris

Message Contents: What a great website, a rich resource and beautifully put together.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:39:24

Name: Val Newton

Message Contents: Country: U.K. Posted on Original GuestBook: Date: Sun Sep 14 20:19:04 2003 Comment: Lovely to find some details and pictures from old Windmill Theatre days - would love to see more, and especially from the Souvenir publications. Also would like to see similar from the Raymond Revuebar 30-45 years ago.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:38:35

Name: Dorothy O'Conner

Message Contents: Country: england Posted on original GuestBook: Date: Wed Aug 20 19:07:50 2003 Comment: it was really exciting to find the Arthur Lloyd website - has anyone more information on Arthur's brother Richard William Delarne Lloyd - Richard's obituary in the Era was very informative but it would be helpful to know more about him


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:37:34

Name: Lyndon Bournon

Message Contents: Country: Canada Posted on original GuestBook: Date: Mon Aug 11 16:32:45 2003 Comment: I found your website via Google. My grandfather,the late Gaetan bournon, managed the Hippodrome in the early 30s, so I'm interested in any info. I don't think my father has much.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:36:33

Name: Trevor Chepstow

Message Contents: Country: Brighton UK Posted on original GuestBook: Date: Tue Jul 8 16:14:34 2003 Comment: Dear Sir As historian for the Sports Stadium Brighton Archive I was delighted to find your site and the wonderful memories of the Theatres of Brighton. Great work and super shots of yesteryear in Brighton.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:35:36

Name: Bob Bain

Message Contents: Country: uk Posted on original GuestBook: Date: Tue Jul 1 17:06:05 2003 Comment: MUST BE THE BEST MUSIC HALL WEB PAGE ON THE INTERNET. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:34:49

Name: Peter Robbins

Message Contents: Country: England Posted on original GuestBook: Date: Thu Jun 12 21:09:12 2003 Comment: What a wonderfull site, Nice to see that The Music Hall has not been forgoton.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:33:47

Name: Hugo Van Der Molen

Message Contents: Country: The Netherlands Posted on original GuestBook: Date: Tue Jun 10 11:53:28 2003 Comment: On my website I have depicted a historic share with the Victoria palace Ltd. depicted. I would like to put the photo of the palace also on my site, as depicted on your site. Would you please be so kind to send me a JPG-file of this photo ? I have made some use of your historic descriptions as well, rferring to the specific URL. best regards, Gugo van der Molen


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:31:59

Name: Marty Galowitze

Message Contents: Comment: Posted on original GuestBook: Sat Mar 29 17:32:54 2003 Wonderful site. I will return often. Thanks from Indiana, USA.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:31:05

Name: David Fairhurst

Message Contents: Comment: Posted on original GuestBook: Thu Mar 27 11:58:17 2003 I enjoyed browsing you site very much. I would like to use some of your images to illustrate talks that I give on music of the Victorian age. I also perform pon stage comic and character songs. Thank you once again for such and informative and entertaining site. I live in Stratford upon Avon.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:30:16

Name: Bob Trimmer

Message Contents: Comment: Posted on original GuestBook: Sun Mar 23 14:57:16 2003 I'm a fan of Victorian Music Hall particularly George Leybourne so appreciate all the work you've put into the site.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:29:35

Name: Susan Bancroft

Message Contents: Comment: Posted on original GuestBook: Wed Mar 12 11:11:36 2003 Well done on your research! I'm trying to trace the actor Charles Stone (1853-1939), so I know what a challenge this was for you.


Date: 09.10.2003 at 02:28:47

Name: Peter Charlton

Message Contents: Comment: Posted on original GuestBook - Tue Mar 4 03:30:12 2003 Well done Matthew, the site gets better and better every time I take a look. Arthur must be feeling very proud. Congratulations on finding his grave, though disappointing not to have a head stone. I tramped around Newington, with an Edinburgh friend, some years ago but never managed to find anything.

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