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The Original London Pavilion Music Hall

Original London Pavilion Piccadilly Circus


Above left - The Black Horse Inn - Above center - Original London Pavilion music hall - Above right - Dr. Kahn’s museum of anatomy - Courtesy Peter Charlton


An Extract from the ERA Obituary for Arthur Lloyd

His reminiscences of the London Pavilion were especially interesting. “It was,” he once informed us, “Originally a public house with a large stable yard. Messrs Loibl and Sonnhaminer, two foreigners, acquired the property, roofed the yard over, erected a gallery at the back, but at one side only—for the other was occupied by Dr. Kahn’s delectable museum of anatomy—and opened the place as a music hall. Here I was an enormous favourite; and I am sure Mr Loibl would be the first to acknowledge that my popularity contributed very largely to the prosperity of the place, though I got nothing like the salary that a star of equal magnitude can command today. Then the best seats in the place could be had for sixpence. I constantly tried to persuade Loibl to increase the price, and he did so tentatively, till at length the whole floor, with the exception of a promenade, consisted of half-crown seats. The climax was reached when at great outlay Mr Loibl bought Kahn’s museum and was able to utilise it’s site for structural improvement of the pavilion.” From the time the board of works acquired the hall there is no need to trace it’s history.

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