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Arthur Lloyd's 'One More Polka'

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Arthur Lloyd's 'One More Polka'

Above - Arthur Lloyd's 'One More Polka'

To see more Arthur Lloyd Song Sheets Click here...

One More Polka was a special feature in October 2002

Music Played by Ian McFarlane, Courtesy Tom O'Connor

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On the opening week of the new Tivoli Music Hall on the Strand in 1890, Arthur Lloyd found himself incensed about the flagrant copying of his own work by one of the artistes at the new Music Hall and wrote a letter to the ERA complaining about it, which they duly printed, as seen below:

'Sir, - In your critic's notice last week of the opening of the Tivoli he referred to one of the company as giving an imitation of various dancers he met at a ball. On making inquiries I find this to be a wholesale appropriation of my original business which I created in my well-known "Polka" song, which I have been singing for the last seven or eight years. Everyone who knows me will acknowledge that I have been always one of the first to encourage talent in beginners, but when they bodily annex the entire business and style of a popular style belonging to a well known artiste, I think they should be immediately checked by public, press, and proprietors. I have all through my career been a staunch upholder of originality, and nothing annoys me so much as to see dead copies of popular songs and artists, who work hard to get original ideas. To all such copyists I give this advice, that to make any headway or popularity in this profession (that is, lasting popularity) an artiste must be original and have a style of his own, not a copy of one or a mixture of half-a-dozen others.

Yours, &c., Arthur Lloyd.'

Above text from the ERA - Courtesy John Grice.


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