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Timeline 1860 - 1869

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In America in the 1850s and 1860s straight variety grew in popular favour.

Florence Nightingale publishes her Notes on Nursing

Mudie's Library moves to New Oxford Street

Victoria Station opens

Hampstead Junction Railway, from Kentish Town to Willesden, opens

September 1860 to July 1861 - Frederick Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd's brother, in the Company at the Theatre Royal, Manchester with Edwin Booth and Henry Irving


Arthur Lloyd commences his music hall career

May - Whitebait Glasgow

June - Colosseum Belfast

July 14th - Holder's Grand Concert Hall Birmingham

July 21st - Hardy's Concert Hall Manchester for one month

August 4th - Belfast

August 11th - Manchester

September 15th - Hardy's Manchester

September 29th - Holder's Concert Hall Birmingham

December 2nd - Back to the Whitebait Glasgow

Oxford Music Hall opens

Albert Chevalier, English music-hall entertainer, famous for his cockney sketches and songs born

Hungerford Suspension Bridge replaced by Charing Cross Railway Bridge

Surrey Music Hall burns down

First horse-drawn tram experiments by George Francis Train


George Thomas Lloyd, brother of Horatio Lloyd and Uncle of Arthur Lloyd, publishes "Thirty Three Years in Tasmania and Victoria"

January - Whitebait Glasgow

February - Whitebait Glasgow

Feb 27th - Odd Fellows Grand Concert Hall, New Town Hall, Greenock
March 2nd - Coliseum Belfast sometimes with his father Horatio Lloyd

April 1st & 2nd - Ayr.
April 3rd - Greenock
April 8th - New Corn Exchange, Dundee
April 13th - Paisley
April 14th - Stirling
April 15th - Dunfirmline
April 20th - Holders Grand Concert Hall, Birmingham for three months engagement

July 7th - Holder's Grand Concert Hall Birmingham

July 14th - Grainger Concert Hall Newcastle On Tyne, booked to the end of August

September 6th and every Saturday in September - The City Hall Glasgow

October 5th - The City Hall Glasgow for whole week

Arthur Lloyd goes to London

October 12th - London - The Sun Knightsbridge, 9pm

The Marylebone, Islington 9.50pm

The Philharmonic, Islington, 10.45pm

October 26th Philharmonic 8.15pm - Sun Knightsbridge 9.20pm - Marylebone 10.15pm

November 12th - Philharmonic 8.15, Sun 9.20, Marylebone 10.10, The Canterbury 11.10

November 16th onwards - Regularly playing Philharmonic 8.30, Marylebone 9.15, The Canterbury 10.15

December 4th - Appears at Mr. Hollands benefit at The Grecian Theatre

December 14th - Philharmonic 9pm, The Canterbury 10.20pm
December 21st and 28th - The Sun Knightsbridge

Birmingham Daily News review of Arthur Lloyd June 1862:

Arthur Munby, Diary, 1862 report on Music Hall

London Pavilion Gallery added

Agricultural Hall, Islington, opens

76, Jermyn Street - Turkish Baths open

Lambeth Bridge opens

New Westminster Bridge opens

Lyon's Inn demolished

Hungerford Market demolished

Peabody Trust established

International Exhibition held in grounds of Royal Agricultural Society, Kensington

Collins Music Hall opens


Puzzles For Playgoers - Punch 1863

Arthur Lloyd writes 'Song Of Songs'

January 4th - Philharmonic, The Canterbury

January 11th - Philharmonic, The Canterbury

January 18th - Philharmonic 8.30, The Canterbury 9.40, Sat only - The Oxford 10.50

February 15th - Philharmonic, The Canterbury

March 1st - Philharmonic 8.30, The Oxford 9.16, The Canterbury 10.30
March 8th - Philharmonic, The Canterbury
March 15th - One night only - Holders Concert Hall, Birmingham

Evenings still at Philharmonic and The Canterbury
July 12 - August 23 - The Canterbury 9.30, The Oxford 10.45

September 13th - Oxford, Canterbury
October - Newcastle On Tyne
October 11th - Grainger Concert Hall Newcastle

November 1st - Grainger Concert Hall Newcastle

November 8th - In Glasgow until Jan 64

Sensation Sufferers - Punch 1863

Collins' Music Hall Opens

Construction begins on Brighton's West Pier

Royal Standard Music Hall Pimlico, Victoria opens

Metropolitan Line, first underground railway, opens between Paddington and Farringdon

Whiteley's Department Store opens

Art's Club founded at 17 Hanover Square


Arthur Lloyd in London and the provinces

January - Still in Glasgow
February - Back in London

May -The Canterbury, 9.40 The London Pavilion 8.30 Philharmonic, Islington, 10.40

June 5th - The London Pavilion 8.40 The Canterbury 9.40 Philharmonic 10.45

July - Philharmonic

August - London Pavilion, The Canterbury, Philharmonic
August 29th - Whitebait Glasgow

September - Glasgow

October 20th - One nighter in Falkirk

November - Still in Glasgow

December 19th

Strand Musick Hall opens (Later Gaiety Theatre)

Metropolitan Music Hall, Edgware Road opens

Foundation of the Wholesale Co-operative Society

Charing Cross Station opens

Naval and Military Club founded

Southwark Street opens


Arthur Lloyd - Mostly unknown tour dates

April 10th - Appearing in concert with Diamond and Bryant (niggers) * at the Britannia Hoxton

April - Westons nightly

17th August Arthur Lloyd benefit at the London Pavilion

Town Hall, Shoreditch built

George Leybourne's first London success

Extension of North London Railway from Broad Street to Dalston

Charing Cross Hotel opens

Langham Hotel opens


Arthur Lloyd - Unknown tour dates

Theatre Royal, Holborn Built

First Theatre Royal, Middlesbrough Opens

Price's Spanish Circo, Middlesbrough Opens

Ship Inn Music Hall, Middlesbrough Opens

Brighton West Pier built

Will Evans Born

Metropolitan Fire Brigade begins


Arthur Lloyd writes 'Not for Joe'

January - Weston's, London Pavilion, Philharmonic

February - London Pavilion Philharmonic, Weston's

March - London Pavilion, Weston's, South London

Also Delarue Lloyd at Whitebate (First appearance)

April 10th - Arthur in benefit for John Wilton at Wilton's

April - Weston's

April 28th - Crystal Palace 4.30pm, South London 9pm, London Pavillion 10pm, Weston's 11pm

May - Whitebait, Glasgow, Benefit at Weston's, and South London

July 12th - Harry and Katty King benefit at McDonald's Music Hall

July - Weston's, South London

July 11th Annie Adams benefit at the Metropolitan Edgware Road

August - Weston's, South London

September - Tour begins at The Theatre Royal Liverpool

September 14th - Free Trade Hall Manchester
September 16th Birmingham
September 17th - Coventry
September 18th - Stourbridge
September 19th - Stafford
September 20th - Hanley

September 21st Manchester
Following week - Wakefield, York, Scarborough, Birckenhead, Chester
Following week - Dublin Rotundo

December 9th- Still on tour Blackburn
December 10th - Bolton
December 11th - Bury
December 12th - Rochdale
December 13th - Oldham
December 14th - Oldham
December 16th - Stalybridge
December 17th - Ashton-under-Lyne
December 18th - Wigan
December 19th - Warrington
December 21st - Southport

Queen's Theatre Long Acre opens

Oxford Music Hall, Middlesbrough Opens

St George's Hall opens

Royal Amphitheatre circus opens at Holborn (later Holborn Empire)

Broadway Theatre, New Cross, opens

Colston Hall, Bristol Opens


Arthur Lloyd at the Dublin Rotundo

Summer - Arthur Lloyd at the Theatre Royal, Hope Street, Glasgow

September - Arthur Lloyd at the Assembly Rooms, Matlock.

Otherwise - unknown touring dates

Argyle Theatre, Birkenhead opens.

On Wednesday February 19th 1868, out of the blue, came one of Arthur Lloyd's finest hours

Globe Theatre, Newcastle Street, London opens

Gaiety theatre Strand opens

Charles Kean dies

Midland Railway between Bedford and new St Pancras Station opens

Last public execution outside Newgate Prison

Victoria Embankment opens between Temple and Lambeth Bridge

Lambeth Embankment between Lambeth and Westminster Bridges opens

First traffic lights, at Bridge Street and Great George Street junction

Racecourse opens at Alexandra Park, Hornsey

South Kensington to Westminster District Line opens


Arthur Lloyd - Mostly Unknown tour dates

December - Two Hours' Genuine Fun Tour - 6th, EXETER; 7th, Taunton; 8th, Yeovil ; 9th, Frome; 10th, Bath; 11th, Bristol ; and commencing again Christmas Eve, St. James's Hall, Liverpool, for Three Weeks. 'Immense Success Everywhere'.

Arthur Lloyd performs at Wilton's

Charing Cross Theatre opens

The Seven Curses Of London written by James Greenwood about Music Hall and prostitution

Sir Henry Irving performs at the Gaiety

Holborn Viaduct opens

Finsbury Park opens

Southwark Park opens

East London Railway, between New Cross and Wapping is first under the Thames, using Thames Tunnel

Columbia Market opens

Royal Academy moves from Trafalgar Square to Burlington House

All England Croquet Club founded

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