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About Thomas Verity, Architect

From the Building News and Engineering Journal, February the 14th 1890

Thomas Verity's Theatres

Thomas Verity - From the Building News and Engineering Journal, February 14th 1890. Mr. Thomas Verity, F.R.I.B.A., now in partnership with his son, Mr. Frank T. Verity, was the architect of the Criterion restaurant and theatre erected some years ago for Messrs. Spiers and Pond. The design was chosen in competition. Previous to this Mr. Verity had been associated with the detail work of the Albert Hall, if we remember correctly, as well as other work at South Kensington.

Right - Thomas Verity - From the Building News and Engineering Journal, February 14th 1890.

The Gaiety restaurant was converted and enlarged by Mr. Verity, incorporating part of Mr. Bassett Keeling's once famous, and much-abused Strand Music Hall front, which was said - at the time it was built - to inaugurate the "Victorian" style of architecture.

The Empire, Comedy, Novelty, St. James's, Royalty, and Folly theatres were designed by Mr. Verity, and he built the Civil Service Stores in the Haymarket. Among his largest works in London are the Kensington Public Baths and Wash-houses, Albert-gate Mansions, houses in South Audley-street at the corner of Mount-street are recent works by this architect, who also designed the rich terracotta front in James-street, Westminster, for Messrs. Hill's bakery. The new saloons, grand stand, and pavilion at Lord's Cricket Ground are being executed under his supervision.

The Nouvel Hopital Francais, carried out in Shaftesbury-avenue, is one of his works, in conjunction with Mr. G. H. Hunt *. The Scarborough Spa Saloons, a vast work in which iron on a large scale is employed, is from Mr. Verity's plans, and he also designed the Nottingham Municipal Buildings, won in competition; and another work of his comprised the enlargements and additions made a few years ago to the Agricultural Hall at Islington.

Mr. Verity's design, in partnership with Mr. Hunt, was placed second in the late competition for the new Admiralty and War Offices.

The decorations erected in Waterloo-place on the occasion, of H. M. Jubilee were designed by him, and it will be fresh in the memory of many how substantial and effective the scheme for such a purpose proved to be.

Mr. Verity's portrait was photographed by Mr. H. S. Mendelssohn, of South Kensington.

* February 28th, 1890 - N.B - We are requested to state, with reference to the works mentioned in connection with the portrait of Mr. Thomas Verity, that Mr. Hunt, his late partner, had nothing to do with the "Nouvel Hopital Francais"; but that he was principally concerned in the erection and design of the Scarborough Spa Buildings, Nottingham Municipal Buildings, and the Agricultural Hall, Islington.

The article on this page, and its accompanying image, was first published in the Building News and Engineering Journal, February 14th 1890. The Amendment was published in the same Journal on February 28th, 1890.

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