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Lord Salisbury & Randolph Churchill secure the support of the Music Hall Stars

From The Penny Illustrated, issue 1313, Saturday August the 7th 1886

Lord Salisbury & Randolph Churchill Secure The Support of The Music Hall Stars - From The Penny Illustrated, issue 1313, Saturday August the 7th 1886


Ladies and Gentlemen, -

"A Life on the Ocean Wave!" That's the ditty for the week. Prince Bonhomme and Princess Sweeteyes recuperate on board the Osborne off the Wight after an exceptionally fatiguing London Season: may they be thoroughly restored by the Channel breeze! Henry Irving and Ellen Terry seek renovation in an Atlantic voyage: Godspeed to them! The Solent has been alive this week with ennobled Col-Indian Exhibitionists in cocked hats, and with R.Y.S. clippers. And the ex-Ministers and new Ministers of the Queen passed each other on their way to and from Osborne House - no doubt, wishing the other party would find "A Home in the Rolling Deep" For of such are the amenities of political antagonism!

"Union is Strength," I believe, is the motto claimed by the new Tory Government. Just as my Lord Salisbury would insist in obtaining the promised support of the Marquis of Hartington as "Liberal Unionist" before he would undertake to form a Ministry, so Lord Randolph Churchill relies, ye see, on the musical assistance of the Music-Hall stars.

Yes; I cordially agree with worthy William Combes, the sound-headed conductor of the Entr'acte. The Macdermott astore - the "Great Vance" - Arthur Roberts, the drily droll -Jolly John Nash, "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!" - the inimitable Arthur Lloyd, with "one more pol-ka!" - and quaint little Barrett, the "Nobleman's son" - have all deserved well in the past of the Conservatives. Why, Mr. Macdermott's famous "Jingo" song chiefly and mainly sustained by the truculent, vein-glorious Beaconfield-Salisbury (or "S" and "B") tone against Russia some seven or eight years ago - a Bombastee Furioso attitude followed by the notorious "Secret Treaty" negotiated by the former "strong Government" (save the mark!) to let Russia grab Bessarabia, Batoum, and Kars in consideration of Cyprus being leased to England! As a matter of fact, one of the most miserable "Peace with Honour" transactions any English Ministry ever took part in!

Claptrap boasting, bless ye! always goes down at the Music Halls. That being the case, I can well understand how jovial Oxford Jennings, dapper Alhambra Morton, the ambrosial Adonis of the Pavilion, venerable Trocadero Bigwell, and their co-mates made the welkin ring when the news went forth from east to west that Lord Randolph Churchill had been chosen Leader of the House of Commons! I can well imagine how topical Fred Albert jubilantly warbled, "Wait Until-the Clouds Roll BY" - how jolly Jolly John Nash laughed himself nearly into a fit-and how Macdermott readily changed his refrain into "By Jingo, yes, you may!" when Lord Randolph, their pet and patron, cheerily chirped, "We rely on your support of her Majesty's Government, Gentlemen!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, I repeat, we all are prepared to give the new Salisbury - Churchill Administration fair play. I may add, I shall be agreeably disappointed if it does not turnout to be an opera-bouffe or music hall Ministry. CODLIN.

From The Penny Illustrated, issue 1313, Saturday August the 7th 1886.

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