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The Spanish Hall, Blackpool

Formerly - The Spanish Courtyard

Part of the Winter Gardens Complex

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The Spanish Courtyard at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool - From a 1938 programme for the Winter Gardens Complex.

Above - The Spanish Courtyard at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool - From a 1938 programme for the Winter Gardens Complex. Caption Reads: - 'THE WINTER GARDENS SPANISH COURTYARD (specially drawn by Fortunino Matania, R.I.) The most beautiful hall in Britain, probably the most picturesque of the Winter Gardens Wonder Halls, has perpetual sunshine by day, and in the evening the wonderful vista of Andalusian Hills and Villages with their tiny hamlets depict a panorama of scenic grandeur by moonlight. At the east side over the balcony the magnificent gilded gates of a Grandee's mansion might have been transplanted from an old-world garden in Granada. The artist has pictured a cabaret interlude, but the Spanish Hall has many uses, from a Conference Hall, accommodating 1,000 delegates, to a Civic Banquet or Private Ball.'

The Spanish Hall is situated within the Winter Gardens Complex in Blackpool and was part of an upgrading of the complex in the early 1930s. The Spanish Hall, or Courtyard, opened in May 1931 along with the Baronial Hall, the Ye Galleon bar, the Renaissance Restaurant, and the adjacent Windsor Bar. The Floral Hall was also refurbished at the same time and had a lounge bar added.

The Spanish Hall was designed by Andrew Mazzei in the art deco style with a three dimensional frieze surrounding it depicting the Andalusian Hills and Villages, and is reminiscent of the Brixton and Finsbury Park Astoria Theatres in London with their 'Atmospheric' auditoriums.

The Spanish Hall is today used for many functions such as banquets and wedding receptions and can accommodate 600 people when used for theatrical performances. The Hall is 24 metres long by 19.5 metres wide and has a lofty height of 12.8 metres. It can be used on its own or as part of a lager space including the Renaissance Room and Baronial Hall.

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